Teensy weensy little thing in vial


Old Timer
Dec 13, 2006
I got a new C. crawshayi yesterday. It came packed in a film cannister.

I transferred it and the damp paper around it to a deli cup of peat moss last night. So far it has refused to give up custody of the paper. It is pretty scary even at 2 inches or less, so far it is winning.

But at lunch today, I spotted a thing that looked a lot like another T/spider, the size of an ant,(like, 2-3 mm long) running around on the paper. Couldn't catch it of course. But could it be an accidental sling stowaway? How little can they be? That's what it looked like, but I had to go back to work, will have to try to catch it later.


May 19, 2007
they can be quite small when they first hatch. Just make sure to get it out of there soon. You may have a free T. If you dont get it out of there soon you take the chance of the bigger one eating it. Also you want to get it out just in case its something that can hurt your T. Either way I would get it out of there asap.


Old Timer
Apr 9, 2006
Could be a T baby, lucky you, or another kind of small spider. I would coax the crawshayi sling out of the cup, and then catch the T/spiderling, whatever it is. If its a spiderling T, you can feed the baby pinhead crickets, or fruit flys until it gets a little bigger. A tactic you could use to move the crawshayi sling out, is open the cup in the bathtub and let the sling run out. Once the c. sling is stationary on the side or floor of the tub, you can then cup it with another deli-cup.