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Discussion in 'Scorpions' started by Nate-87, Apr 27, 2009.

  1. Nate-87

    Nate-87 Arachnosquire

    Are there any species of scorp that will co-operate to take down a large (comparatively) prey item?
    I'm guessing if there are any, it would be in the centroides...

  2. Nungunugu

    Nungunugu Arachnosquire

    As far as I know no scorpions hunt together.
    I watched some of my centruroides scorplings sting together in the same cricket, but that was probably because both of them wanted to kill the cricket at the same time. Later they fought about the cricket.
  3. calum

    calum Arachnoprince

    I've seen multiple scorplings take down crickets together, but I don't think that counts as "teamwork"
  4. I have experienced seeing my adult female H. fulvipes tear a dubia roach to pieces and then completely dropped it to feed her 2I brood. Though it is not counted as team work, but I was surprised to see maternal instincts from a scorpion.
  5. jme

    jme Arachnobaron

    my big female black emp used to feed her little 2instars all the time was cool
  6. GiantVinegaroon

    GiantVinegaroon Arachnoprince

    Oh awesome! I've only read about scorpion mothers displaying maternal instincts. I have yet to witness it!
  7. alexi

    alexi Arachnobaron

    Don't all scorpions show limited maternal instincts? Isn't that why they don't kill the babies when they climb on her back (well, most of the time..)? I guess actually feeding them is another level of it, I didn't realize it was so rare though.
  8. Aztek

    Aztek Arachnoprince

    Sometimes invertably they grab the same prey and sting it to death together, but then fight for it.
  9. jme

    jme Arachnobaron

    my baby black emps protect eachother while there molting does that count ?
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