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Tarantulas Today - Tinter, Andreas




I am giving this book a positive mainly for the absolutely wonderful photography in this book. It is almost more a picture book than anything else, and the pictures are certainly worth looking at!
I didn't like the generous usage of the word 'poisonous' that was interchanged with 'venomous' but maybe I'm being nit picky. I also didn't like the liberal use of 'aggresive' sprinkled throughout the book. I'd say most of the information is correct however.
All in all, it's not a book to rush right out and buy, but it's sure nice to have for showing off great pictures!


Old Timer
Mar 24, 2004
I have this book also and I agree it has some great pictures of several diffent species in it. And most of the info in it is correct and helpful. But, I dont agree with the authors recommendations for using incandeascent lighting and heat pads as a heat source, nor do I agree with the "daily" misting and the use of a green artificial "terrarium liner" as proper substrate. All in all a decent book though, but not one I would recommend to a beginner due to some information that may lead to undue stress on a newly aquired T.