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tarantulas: their captive husbandry & reproduction


Old Timer
Jul 18, 2002
by john coote as part of the t-rex education series

i was not impressed by this "book." first off, it was printed in black and white which robs the tarantulas of their beauty. secondly, the graphics included to illustrate the differences between a terrestrial and aboreal set ups looked as if they were created using a super nintendo and mario paint (circa early 1990's).

the text was informative when explaining how tarantulas came to be commonly known as "tarantulas," but when explaining useful information, such as tarantula sexing, the instructions became very vague and pictures (or mario paint illustrations) were not included to help the reader.

this book bored me to tears, and i had to stop reading it several times to convince myself that i should give the book another chance before slaughtering it on this message board. my gut instincts proved right--i should have stopped in the beginning.

my final feelings about this book: i want my $4.99 back!

Steve Nunn

Old Timer
Aug 30, 2002

Save your dollars for something more accurate, preferably by an author who specializes in tarantulas.