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Tarantulas of Belize - Steven B. Reichling


Old Timer
Sep 24, 2003

Originally I bought this book becuase of the recommendation on Rick West's site and am very, very glad I did.

It is a beautifally constructed field account, natural biology, and species survey of the tarantulas of Belize.

It gives in depth profiles of every tarantula species encountered by the author in Belize.

Of notable usefulness to the aspiring tarantula biologist, is the section on how, when, and where to collect tarantulas and not just in Belize.

I think this book should be a requiremant to all tarantula keepers, much like is said of Baerg's book, The Tarantula.



Old Timer
Apr 19, 2006
I absolutely love this book! I am very interested in learning more about tarantulas in their natural environment and this book did not disappoint! It clearly and concisely describes the different environments in Belize and the studies that the author has made about the tarantulas that live there. It is thorough and easy to understand. The lay person could easily read it and come away with alot of knowledge. It also makes it quite obvious how much more we have to learn and how understudied tarantulas are.

Having said all that, the author's use of common names for the tarantulas drove me to distraction. In some places he used the scientific name beside it, but many times he did not. I had to keep going back to look up which one he was talking about, since I only know them by their scientific names. I can only guess that he did this to try to make it less intimidating to the lay person?

That one "flaw" does not ruin an otherwise fabulous book! Highly recommended.