Tarantulas Maturing out


Mar 11, 2020
So I have been keeping tarantulas for a few years now and it has come to a time where a few of my first T's are maturing out into males. My one pokie did and now my s.caceatum which I thought was female. (oops, to be fair I only had one smallish molt to go by and I was new at sexing back then)

My S.ca is one of my faves and I made it one of my nicer terrariums with the snake plant in it. Makes me a bit sad. I always wanted to find breeders for my mature males but there is not much local action.

I do not even know who I am going to put in the terrarium once he passes since all of my other already have adult ones "assigned" to them once they are big enough so it would probably sit there empty.


Arachnosupporter +
Jan 22, 2022
It's part of the hobby. Males have their purpose, and you can enjoy them just as you would a female, maybe just not for as long... You can always place a classified add on here to see if there's anyone that needs a MM and work out a deal that as long as they pay for shipping and will send you some slings (if you want) you can ship him off to mate.