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Nicolas C

Jan 13, 2014

This book about tarantulas is written by french specialist Jean-Michel Verdez (remember Brachypelma verdezi... named in his honour) with Frédéric Cléton (beautiful photographs) and Yannick Siegwalt.

Here's the summary: "Frankfurt am Main, October 2015, hardcover, 220 pages, 270 colour photos. In this new tarantula book the three French authors summarize their travelling experience (journeys to Africa, South America and Asia) where they have carefully observed tarantulas in their natural habitats. The knowledge gained from these explorations is implemented in their keeping and breeding concept by considering habitat structure and climate variation. Cléton et al. clearly recommend captive-bred spiders for would-be keepers and point out the risks for wild populations. A tarantula bite accident is included as a case report. This book not only provides information on how to set up a terrarium for ground-dwellling or aboreal species, problems with parasites and possible treatment are also discussed. The species accounts include some undescribed forms of tarantulas which have been bred over the past few years and are available for the hobbyists. "

The core of the book presents spp. descriptions, with details on breeding, environment, care and splendid pictures. The long experience of these three authors can be felt in every pages and advices they give, not only terrariums experiences, but field experiences.
In the first part of the book, you'll find informations about tarantulas in general, with some interesting pages about envenomination, communal enclosures experiences, and some interesting inputs about medical care for tarantulas (specially about nematodes).
As usual with books, it's always possible to discuss such taxons, or such temps/humidity advices, etc. But what is written in here is very valid.

All in all, an excellent book which should be a reference in english (also available in german), and which is a very welcomed update of "Mygales. Elevage et découverte" written by Verdez & Cléton in 2001 (3rd ed).

The only minor downside is maybe some typos and the feeling I have that the english translation sounds a little bit... french? (but I'm not the best judge, of course)
Whatever, you shouldn't pass this one if you're interested in tarantulas care.

Here's the link of the editor:


Old Timer
Aug 12, 2004
Got the book two days ago

I ordered from the link above as I couldnt find it in the US

interesting info on care/ captive breeding of certain species. Cycling them with temp/humidity.

I liked the disease/parasite and parts on inbreeding issue as well

its the most up to date book on T keeping and quite specific too.

excellent book in my opinion.