Tarantula Habit


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Old Timer
Jan 2, 2003
My G. Rosea loves to hang out in one spot away from her hide. I've noticed though that the bolus's (sp?) always end up at the far end of the enclosure away from her. I never see her go over there, but somehow all the remains of the crickets end up over there. Maybe she's being tidy? I didn't think she did any housekeeping, but she does and it must be at night when I'm asleep. :)


Old Timer
Feb 6, 2003
Out of our two Rosies. Sunshine is the finicky clean neat one. Moonbeam leaves her spitballs wherever. When she leaves any. Usualy cricket goes in,,,, thats that..
Sunshine on the other hand seems to have a definate dislike of cricket legs and she stuffs them in a corner as far away form her favorite lounging spots as possable, even tends to kick a bit of dirt over them.
Both Rosies seem to have picked a specific corner to do their business in too. I've seen them back up in those corners time and time again. Eject their waste and then go back to their favorite spots. Both do the cricket dance after eating and tidy up their web " carpets." And both groom carefuly and most completly after a meal.
Moonbeam did have a thing about a peble in her tank. It was a little white smooth rock about the size of a pea. She spun a few web anchors over it and stood over it guarding for a time. Got Real defencive about anything going near her rock. She guarded it till I was doing some tidying in there and bopped over her cave pot. I moved it a tad and she came at me all fangulated and skittery. The next day she had spun anchors from her cave pot to the tank wall. I think it was a hint to leave her stuff alone. Sunshine doesn't like her water dish moved.

To me. T's are little people,,,, with alot of legs.....
They each have their own personalities and preferances.

Anyway... nuff of my babbling...