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Tarantula Cages (www.tarantulacages.com)

Discussion in 'Online Dealer Reviews' started by Okitasoshi, May 18, 2007.

  1. cavelle

    cavelle Arachnopeon

    I recently ordered a large terrestrial cage. I was in awe when I saw it! I've never seen anything built so perfectly in my life!! I will definitely order more cages from him
  2. Medium Terrestrial Cage 13"x7"x7"

    I just received my first tarantula cage from Adam Hundt today for my grammostola pulchra and as it's for my first tarantula, it's also my first tarantula cage ever. :) It's a truly beautiful piece of craftsmanship, the acrylic hinges are sound and work extremely smoothly. Also the acrylic itself is so incredibly clear it's amazing.

    Mr. Hundt was a great businessman, I had an issue with tracking my package and he contacted FedEx on my behalf and got them to send me tracking link that worked. He answered my email in promptly and was all in all great to deal with.

    I'll definitely be buying more cages from him when I buy more tarantulas.:D
  3. More T Cages

    I have three cages from Adam, two large terrestrial and one small one. All are first class. Since they are such high quality and save me the time of building an enclosure, I ordered one more large cage (there is now one larger) and a small arboreal. Along with that, I purchased some moss, vermiculite, and the cork for the arboreal cage. Everything arrived in a large box and was expertly packaged. As long as I have T's, I will purchase their cages from www.tarantulacages.com.:)
  4. Kathy

    Kathy Arachnoangel Old Timer

    Rec'd 2 aboreal cages yesterday and I just love them!! Such nice quality work, thank you so much Adam!!!!!!!!!!! A+++++++++++++++++++++++++
  5. Positive

    A little over due. Ordered three tarantulas in May. Excellent packing. All three healthy and ate well a few days after settling in.
  6. BigOtto

    BigOtto Arachnopeon


    I recently purchased a few items from tarantulacages.com. I'd like to say that everything was packaged very well. Shipping was fast, three days on a 4-5 day delivery. I'm pleased with my purchase and will be shopping there again.

  7. BigOtto

    BigOtto Arachnopeon


    I picked up a small divided terrestrial cage and asked Adam if he could make it have two lids instead of one. He took care of my request and the enclosure is perfect. I also just ordered a medium Arboreal enclosure and am expecting it in two days. I asked if he could do next day shipping and he worked with me. Excellent service from Adam!

  8. BigOtto

    BigOtto Arachnopeon


    After receiving my first Enclosure from Adam I picked up 3 new T's and I was without an enclosure for one. I contacted Adam and two days later I received my Medium Arboreal Cage in the mail. He will ship faster than the normal postage all you have to do is contact him. Again perfect enclosure!


    Thanks again Adam.

  9. Just got my large arboreal enclosure from www.tarantulacages.com. Excellent packing. Beautiful enclosure. Would definantly recommend.
  10. LV-426

    LV-426 Arachnobaron

    Adam is a great to deal with, always stayed in communication. I ordered 2 medium terrestrial cages. The craftsmanship on the cages was A+. The look good online, once they are in your hands you can really appreciate them. Totally awsome!:wicked:

    The setup for my Ts:clap:
    Last edited: Nov 6, 2010
  11. pokeylucky7

    pokeylucky7 Arachnopeon

    A+ cages

    I recieved 2 cages from Adam and also one Green Bottle Blue tarantula from him. All was great, excellent craftmanship! The cages came within the two weeks like he says on his website. He also answered any questions I asked him and got back to me within a day. Great packing on both the T and the cages. Will defenetly keep doing business with him :)
    Last edited: Dec 28, 2010
  12. ExotiPet

    ExotiPet Arachnopeon

    Top Quality!!


    Just got 3 Large and 2 Medium Arboreal cages from him for Christmas! Definitely great looking homes for our T's. Shipping was quick even for the holiday season and everything was packed great! Will be getting more in the future for sure!!!
  13. Awsome encloser!!

    Just got my new A. Avic enclosure. LOVE it!! I'm sure my girl Drusilla will as well. Amazing craftmanship. VERY clean cut and assembled. Worth the money and the wait. No wonder Adam is busy making these!! I have more A. versi slings coming in the spring and will definitely be orderng other enclosures for when they are big enough.
  14. great cages, great service!

    Got 2 medium Arboreal cages. Love them! Quality is excellent!
  15. Positive review for tarantulacages.com

    Ordered one medium arboreal cage and one medium terrestrial cage and ... well ... I am going to have to order more. These are fantastic cages. I've always had to deal with lack of humidity with critter keepers (yeah, can use saran wrap, but the looks are less than pleasing). These cages solve that problem and provide just the right amount of ventilation. Beautiful craftmanship, smooth edges, excellent doors. These are true display cages.

    Thanks, Adam.
  16. RunArach425

    RunArach425 Arachnopeon


    Just received 3 medium front opening arboreal cages, and a XL arboreal cage. One box had a dent in the corner but the cages are so well packed no harm was done to them. Cages sent Monday received them Wednesday. Haven't set any up yet. My Avic. Versicolor decided to molt so it will be a couple days. Plan to order more after I get these filled. Beautiful cages.
  17. GLaD0S

    GLaD0S Arachnopeon

    I feel like i dont deserve to have such a great enclosure.

    if there were a grade higher than an A+, adam would have it. So im just gonna say A doesnt stand for awesome or amazing, it stands for Adam.

    I originally ordered a P. irminia and a P. rufilata. Adam had accidentally sent a nearly identical sling. It is NOT his fault; he himself had received them as P. rufilata slings. When it took the coloring of a P. ornata, i was confused. I knew adam hadnt done this on purpose, so i notified him. I admit i was mean to do it on facebook for everyone to see... Later he had agreed to GIVE me something to make up for it. So, today, i received a work of art. Yes, this can only mean one thing. I got one of his cages. I feel so lucky to be in the presence of this piece. I will remind you NONE of this was his fault. It was an unstoppable mixup, and adam was very quick to be a great businessman and do everything he could to make his customer happy and coming back for more.
  18. Awesome!

    Just received my two juvenile terrestrial cages from Adam, and couldn't be happier with them. Very sturdy and well-made, and of course, they look beautiful! Customer service and communication was great, as well. I'll definitely be ordering more sometime.
  19. synic

    synic Arachnosquire

    Adam is a great seller. Always very responsive.

    The cages are top quality. I absolutely love mine, it's easy to open, lockable, light. So much better than a critter keeper or aquarium lid.
  20. Positive !!!

    Following up on my first order, I ordered several more cages (small arboreal, small terrestrial) as well as 4 locks/keys and some small cork pieces. Once again, craftsmanship is superb. (Also as a follow-up, my X. immanis seems to love his medium terrestrial cage ... better humidity ... much, much better than a kritter keeper.)

    Will I get more cages eventually from Adam? Oh yeah.

    Thanks again, Adam!
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