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Tarantula Cages (www.tarantulacages.com)

Discussion in 'Online Dealer Reviews' started by Okitasoshi, May 18, 2007.

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    Positive Again!

    Another glowing review for Adam. I received my G. pulchra in perfect and frisky condition. Packing was perfect and delivery was super-fast. I can't wait to receive my new small divided terrestrial cage soon. Highly recommended! Thanks Adam!!!

    :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap:
  2. richardstr

    richardstr Arachnopeon

    Excellent cages

    I have purchased many cages from Adam. I use them for geckos. His workmanship is fantastic!
  3. mangler

    mangler Arachnopeon

    Bought a small arboreal cage from him that was customized with a side opening. Beautiful cage! Workmanship is spot on!
    So pretty in fact I can’t decide what T to display in it yet. lol
  4. Peter Specker

    Peter Specker Arachnopeon


    I ordered two cages from Adam at Tarantulacages.com, one a small arboreal, one a two-compartment small terrestrial. These came in perfect condition, are beautiful fantastic hand-made products! I am extremely pleased!

    I had also gotten two spiderlings from Adam a few months ago, and these arrived in perfect condition and lo and behold, a third spiderling was included, B smithi, a freebie!

    I am a big fan of Tarantulacages and Adam Hundt!

    Peter Specker
  5. Ariel

    Ariel Arachnoprince


    I just got my two medium arboreal cages. They're fantastic. :) My Avics are going to love 'em.
  6. Abby

    Abby Arachnoknight

    XL Terrestrial is here!

    Hi there, I received my XL terrestrial T cage yesterday.
    Adam was awesome in answering my questions and he took less than 24 hours to reply which was great.
    My cage came in lots of packing peanuts so it was very safe on its journey here. The cage is very sturdy and it's very beautiful. My G. rosea is going to be very safe and happy in it :D

    I did my transfer in my patio and it went successfully, here is the enclosure and Shelob, the lucky T. :D

    Attached Files:

  7. dougle

    dougle Arachnosquire

    New Cages

    I received 4 new large aboreal cages and 2 new XL Terrestrial cages from adam they came in perfect condition ,they were packed expertly and now my Ts are in there new acrylic display cages with cork bark and other wood and live plant decor ,these are truely a work of art ,not some modified glass aquarium or KK , I will definetly purchase many more of these works of art from adam , I can now display my Ts in style without any worries of what people think about my enclosures, the cages by Adam actually bring my T s colors out even better.

    Thanks Adam

    Dwayne McDougle
  8. Spunky

    Spunky Arachnosquire Old Timer


    I purchase several A. minatrix slings an A. versicolor sling and an A. Geniculata sling from Adam and am very impressed! All slings were larger than I expeted and extremely healthy in my book! Perfect bombproof packaging with heatpack included to keep them warm in this early cool weather we have had. All unpacked perfectly and were ready to go right out of their containers. I will do business in the future with tarantulacages.com (now I cannot wait to get my cages in I ordered as well!!!) {D Thanks again for a great communication and a overall great experience.

    Jody W.
  9. spider pest

    spider pest Arachnoknight

    Custom 13x7x7 Terrestrial Cage

    Got a sweet custom 13x7x7 terrestrial cage a few days ago for my Carolina Wolf Spider and it is mighty impressive. So nice. Wanted to try and make one myself, but this is beyond comparison with anything I could have built. It's basically his medium arboreal cage with a top loading lid and different screen placement. Love it! Thanks Adam!


  10. Spunky

    Spunky Arachnosquire Old Timer


    Just got my 3 medium arboreal cages in yesterday. Excellent craftsmanship! I could not be happier! Thanks!
  11. Ictinike

    Ictinike Arachnobaron

    Received my Large Arboreal and a bag of vermiculite and words cannot express the level of craftsmanship and admiration I have for his work!

    Excellent communication, shipping and products and since I'm vain like that to want to purchase ALL my current T's and future additions their TCages enclosures I'm sure I'll be placing orders soon!

    Online images and videos really cannot show the quality of these enclosures and I urge anyone who might be in the market and has the change to call upon Adam for one hell of a job; you won't regret any money spent!

  12. tjmi2000

    tjmi2000 Arachnosquire Old Timer


    I received my large arboreal cage today from Adam and it is perfect. This is my second purchase from TarantulaCages.com but it won't be my last.
  13. LRB

    LRB Arachnopeon


    I ordered a medium arboreal cage and will definitely be purchasing another from Adam! Quality craftmanship and a speedy shipment. I love it!

    Hope you don't mind me adding a few pics (please ignore Fancy munching her dinner). Two different angle views, one of a latch, and one of the hinge. Very beautiful cages! Thanks again! :D

    Attached Files:

  14. GLaD0S

    GLaD0S Arachnopeon


    I stopped by his house on my trip back from seattle and bought a 2" P. Rufilata and a 1.2" P. Irminia. He had them already out for us and then he brought out some of his cages (GORGEOUS BTW) and we also bought two cork slabs. He is definitely a very good salesman and i will buy from him soon (maybe a cage or 2!)
    :worship: {D :clap: {D:worship:
  15. beb7071

    beb7071 Arachnopeon

    Happy Camper

    I just rtecieved my second cage from Adam and am totally satisfied. He builds great cages and sells them at a great price and the shipping is perfect!!
    Thanks, Adam.................. Bill H.:clap:
  16. darkart82

    darkart82 Arachnosquire Old Timer

    tarantula cages .com

    :clap::clap::clap::clap::D:D:D i ordered my first cage from adam 6x6x10 aboreal cage im happy its awesome it wont be the last i get from him either i would suggest buy cages from him
  17. josh50988

    josh50988 Arachnopeon


    my first order was a p. murinus great packing, second order was 2 brachypelma boehmi and they got here a lil late (WAS NOT ADAMS fault) one was DOA and he is sending me a new one free of charge, he was very concerned and ready to try and fix the problem. i also ordered a terrestrial small cage with the two sides to it. great guy and has cool stuff. i will continue to do business with him again.

    josh50988 thanks adam
  18. Peter Specker

    Peter Specker Arachnopeon


    I ordered 3 medium terrestrial cages and 5 small cork bark pieces.

    These arrived perfectly packed and in perfect condition.

    The workmanship as usual is state of the art!

    Thank you Adam Hundt!

    Peter Specker
  19. Repeat customer x5 - couldn't be happier!

    Just received 2 small arboreal cages from Adam. Once again. PERFECTION IN THE FORM OF AN ACRYLIC CAGE!!!! I couldn't be happier. Highly recommended! I won't buy a cage from anyone else.

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