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Tarantula Cages (www.tarantulacages.com)

Discussion in 'Online Dealer Reviews' started by Okitasoshi, May 18, 2007.

  1. theherbalfox

    theherbalfox Arachnopeon

    I received 3 baby tarantulas from Adam. All 3 arrived safe and sound and look great.
    I won't hesitate to order from him again as soon as I can figure out which ones I want next!
  2. Received my two B. smithi juvies from Adam today. Both arrived safe and sound. I can't believe what a great packing job Adam did! Those little dudes were as snug as a bug in a rug! Or at least a sling in a vial!
    Big thanks to Adam, and I'll be getting all my T's from him in the future!
  3. Liganna

    Liganna Arachnopeon Arachnosupporter

    Received my cage from Adam today!
    One small arboreal cage

    It came very well packed and it is a beautiful piece!
    The money is well worth it
    Thanks Adam!
  4. 04scooby

    04scooby Arachnopeon

    I couldn't have just one of Adam's T's. This time I ordered an A. versicolor. Yet again Adam responded to all of the questions I had very quickly and kept me updated with the progress of the shipping. I can't recommend him enough!
  5. Positive review #3!!!

    Yet another absolutely positive review for Adam and his awesome cages. I just received my third large terrestrial cage for my new B. smithi. Build materials and quality are unparalleled and shipping is very fast. Thanks!

  6. djshupe

    djshupe Arachnopeon

    Large Terrestrial Enclosure

    I purchased the large terrestrial enclosure from Adam and he custom made it so I could house two tarantulas, Brachypelma smithi and a Brachypelma boehmei. Adam is an excellent vendor to the tarantula world and I will buy from him again. His communication was great as well as he answered all my questions promptly. I am very pleased with this and will be purchasing a arboreal enclosure later. Keep up the good work Adam!
  7. GioC

    GioC Arachnopeon

    New B. Smithi (1.5")

    Was a little apprehensive about ordering a Red Knee online, but placing an order with Adam was a professional and pleasant ordeal. The packaging and shipment process was excellent. The little arachnid made the cross country trip without any harm and was in excellent spirit upon release into her new home with a fierce hunger for a fresh meal within an hour. Adam stayed in communication via e-mail throughout the process and provided all the information that you would ask for. The shipment and delivery was prompt and the B. Smithi was in outstanding condition speaking highly of the live stock that he offers for sale. Well worth the price and experience. I highly recommend TarantulaCages as a supplier of arachnids and look forward to procuring from Adam again. Keep up the good work Adam, add another satisfied customer to your business base. :)
  8. Endagr8

    Endagr8 Arachnoangel


    I ordered a dozen vents from tarantulacages.com...and they're awesome! Very speedy shipping and smooth transaction.

  9. evicton

    evicton Arachnoknight


    Just recieved an order from Adam today, I got 1 large aboreal cage, 1 small aboreal cage, 1 juve terrestrial cage, and 1 divided terrestrial cage. Also got some vents as well.

    All arrived package wonderfully (2 boxes) and as always the cages are top notch cages.

    Will be ordering more in the future.
  10. ~positive~

    Ordered one small arboreal cage and one 3/4 Inch A.versi sling. Spider arrived healthy and happy, and finally got the cage today arrived unbroken and awesome Thank you Tarantulacages:clap: :clap: :clap:
  11. absoluteyellow

    absoluteyellow Arachnopeon

    Great Cage A++

    I bought a small cage, a bag of vermiculite, and a G pulchra sling from Adam a while ago. All came in perfect condition.

    I'm planning to buy from him again soon.
  12. ric

    ric Arachnopeon

    super cool dude! and the craftsmanship is outstanding! i've replaced ten of my enclosures with tarantulacages and am ordering another ten next month.p.s. i built one myself and after comparing them side by side i'd rather spend the few extra bucks and buy tarantulacages!!!!!
  13. mozkaynak

    mozkaynak Arachnosquire

    I bought my first slings from Adam and I am totally satisfied. Well communication before the sale and prompt shipping. The Ts were well packaged.
    I would totally recommend him as an online seller.

    WIZZYBEATZ Arachnosquire

  15. silkenbullet

    silkenbullet Arachnopeon

    i ordered a large terrestrial cage from adam and i have to say im well impressed with the amount of time and effort that goes into these cages,not to mention it being the best looking enclosure out there.i also got a sheet with the cage showing a price list of different tarantulas for sale from adam and the price's are very reasonable so i guess i'll definetly be ordering again from tarantula cages.thanks adam my spider is loving it's new home:worship:
  16. arachnidan

    arachnidan Arachnopeon


    Most folks on this review page are writing reviews for cages they purchased from Adam. Since his bread and butter is tarantula cages - this makes sense. He also deserves kudos for what you keep in the cages.

    I purchased a Brazilian Black Spiderling and Adam provided excellent packaging of the live animal. It had arrived the day he said it would and communication throughout the process was exactly what a buyer would want. I recommend buying from tarantulacages.com!!!
  17. MorganD

    MorganD Arachnosquire

    Received 1 large arboreal enclosure from Adam, it's a masterpeice. Thanks again! Highly recommended.
  18. animal_lover

    animal_lover Arachnopeon

    Great tarantula buying experience!

    Monday, 1 Mexican Redknee and 1 Brazilian Black were shipped to my home in Northern California.
    Tuesday, received tarantulas in great health. I am very happy with my purchase and will definitely order tarantulas from Adam again! My only wish is that the tarantulas would be sent overnight and with live indications on the package. All in all very pleased!
    Thanks Adam!
  19. fspringer

    fspringer Arachnopeon


    I purchased a large terrestrial cage. It’s a work of art! I can’t believe how nice it is. I have several terrariums in my biology class at the high school. I will eventually replace all of them with Adam’s cages.

    I have had major problems with maintaining humidity in my terrariums. His cages fix that problem. The regular terrariums just don’t do the job. Because of a lack of humidity, I have had a number of my praying mantids mismolt. In addition, I have found that a lack of humidity contributes to breakage of the delicate appendages of my tailless whip scorpions. Thanks to Adam’s cages, my treasured animals will be much better off.

    In addition, his cages are beautiful. They will be a gorgeous showcase for my class “pets.”
  20. Wonderful!

    I purchased some slings, a G.pulchra and a B. smithi, on Wed, which Adam agreed to send the net day to arrive when I was off work. They arrived very well packaged, as frisky as can be, and with voracious appetites. It was a wonderful experience! I cant wait until they are big enough to use on of his beautiful cages!
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