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Tarantula Cages (www.tarantulacages.com)

Discussion in 'Online Dealer Reviews' started by Okitasoshi, May 18, 2007.

  1. Trell

    Trell Arachnopeon

    I ordered a Fireleg from Adam and it arrived in great shape in the container. It wanted to stay snuggled up but after some coaxing it surprised me by how lively it was once it was out.

    Definitely great service and will look forward to future business.
  2. Positive!

    Ordered a large arboreal cage from Adam. The customer service was great, all my questions were addressed very well. The enclosure looks amazing, I can't wait til I get my spider in there :D.
  3. bobblychicken

    bobblychicken Arachnopeon

    Large Terrestrial Cage

    I am absolutely thrilled with my new tarantula cage! It's so clean and nice looking, and it's light weight so it will be easier to transport if I need to. The shipping was fast, the service was awsome, and now my Chilean Rose hair is now sitting comfortably in her new, comfy cage!

    thanks so much Adam, you can count on me to do lots more shopping as my collection grows!
  4. Positive!!

    I am extremely pleased with my two new large arboreal cages that came today. Both are crystal-clear and are going to look great once I put my T's in them. Thanks again Adam. I look forward to doing business again.

  5. Diablo1984

    Diablo1984 Arachnopeon

    Got one of that awsome cage myself!
    Very goed comminucation with Adam.
    Well packed. En the cage is worth every dollar imo.
    Very good work! Keep it up!
    Last edited: May 5, 2009
  6. sjeckert6297

    sjeckert6297 Arachnopeon

    I ordered a Lg. Terrestrial cage from Adam last week or so and I got it today. This thing is amazing! All of my Ts are going to be in a cage made by Adam!

    Thanks Adam!

  7. Third Cage from Tarantula Cages


    I just received my third cage from Adam at www.tarantulacages.com. I now have two large and one small Terrestrial cage. As always they are beautifully made, packed well, and shipped quickly. I am sure that as my collection grows I will order more cages from Adam...!
  8. Goatboy

    Goatboy Arachnopeon

    Just Order my 1st Tarantula from Adam and a Large cage for when it gets a little bigger.
    Adam was great and more than willing to answer all my silly questions
    would defiantly order from him again and will !

    I bought
    1- Mexican Fireleg 1.5" Spiderling
    1- Lg Cage

    Spiderling is kept is a kritter keeper until I feel he large enough for his big boy cage :D
  9. Ordered 2 slings from Adam and they arrived in great packaging and very promptly.


    1 OBT Sling
    1 Mexican Red Knee Sling

    I liked his T's so much that I ordered 2 more today! Cant wait for them to get here, and will post more feedback then.

    Thanks again Adam.

    (PS Ill be buying some cages in the near future!)
  10. mack108

    mack108 Arachnopeon

    Tarantula Cages.com

    I ordered 1 small terestrial cage 10"x5"x7".

    Everything came in great condition and the workmanship is top notch.
    I will definitely order from Adam again in the future.

  11. Repeat customer - VERY HAPPY ONCE AGAIN!

    Just received my 2nd cage from Adam - Terrestrial 16x8x8. Arrived in perfect condition and the craftsmanship is absolutely the BEST!

    Last edited by a moderator: May 28, 2009
  12. Another great transaction with Adam:


    1 A. Avic Sling
    1 OBT Sling

    Arrived quicker than expected and in great packaging yet again. Cant wait to order a cage (or 2 or 3:) ) from him.

    Thanks again!
  13. Kuro

    Kuro Arachnosquire

    just got a A. Versicolor sling from adam this morning! very cute little squirt!

    i will be buying more Ts and cages from him in the near future!
  14. ranchulas

    ranchulas Arachnobaron

    I ordered some G. Pulchra and some substrate from Adam and had a pleasant transaction. All the T's arrived safe. I have also ordered cages from him in the past and love the quality! A++++++
  15. A++++++++++

    I just got my new adult aboral cage from Adam today with substrate and cork bark. Excellent packaging and communication:D Will do buisness with again:D
  16. quetzalcoatl

    quetzalcoatl Arachnopeon


    I ordered a Avicularia Versicolor spiderling and small divided cage. The spider arrived healthy in perfect condition. The cage shows great craftsmanship and care.

    Adam was quick to reply to quetsions via email and very informative. The best part is that he is not just a vendor trying to make as much as he can, he made suggestions that ended up with me spending less but for the welfare of the animal. A rare trait in the exotic pet trade. When I kept marine aquariums I absolutely hated the sellers that wanted to sell as many "Nemos" as possible to anyone to the point of selling them as fresh water fish, killing them. Adam is the complete opposite of that, he cares are the animals he sells, and it's refreshing.
  17. evicton

    evicton Arachnoknight

    Recieved my small terestrial cage from Adam today, very pleased with the cage. Quality of this cage is top notch, and I certainly will order more in the future.
  18. 13lackwidow

    13lackwidow Arachnopeon

    Love my new T

    My G. Pulchra which I HAD to have, arrived safe and sound. Great communication and quick replies to anything asked. I am keeping an eye on those enclosures you make. Sharp. When I buy my new home soon, those are on my list...and not to mention a few T's.

    The lil' peewee was so small.....For a minute there, I thought you sent me tissue paper....{D
  19. SeanJo

    SeanJo Arachnosquire Old Timer


    I did a trade with Adam that netted me 2 large cages, one arboreal and one terrestrial. He was very patient with me as I changed my request a few times (sorry, I'm one of those very indecisive people!). The packing was top-notch and the cages in person are so impressive! The cages arrived right on time as well, always a plus. They really make you want to replace all those big heavy aquariums with these handcrafted enclosures. I will most definitely be buying from Adam again, thanks man!
  20. 04scooby

    04scooby Arachnopeon

    Just received my B. Boehmei alive and well. Adam is an A++++++ vendor. The service and info he gives is nothing but outstanding. Waiting on my small terrestrial cage, but I already know the quality. Yet another extremely satisfied customer. Thanks again Adam!

    Edit -

    ^^^The cage was in the box with the spider. I was completely surprised and was not expecting that! Thank you again Adam
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