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Tarantula Cages (www.tarantulacages.com)

Discussion in 'Online Dealer Reviews' started by Okitasoshi, May 18, 2007.

  1. Krazy Kat

    Krazy Kat Arachnoknight

    Great dealer

    I just signed for my T's!They was packed really well.My H.lividum came out of the container trying to bite everything:wicked: ,the obt moves fast and is really crazy;P .This is my second order from him and I have been happy both times.Thanks for your time and Tarantulas Adam:D Can't wait till my next order.:clap:
  2. Johnkoos59

    Johnkoos59 Arachnopeon

    I purchased a Chaco Golden Stripe 1.5" spiderlings and it came in good condition and Adam was willing to ansewer all the questions i posed to him:)
  3. Sooner

    Sooner Arachnoknight


    I've been meaning to post reviews for Tarantulacages.com for a while so here goes:

    The website is easy to manage and the cages look great! We both got the largest arboreal and the largest terrestrial cages and the spiders look great in them! High quality cages, these will no doubt last you decades if well taken care of.

    If you want to show off your beauties, I'll recommend this site.
  4. C-Rock

    C-Rock Arachnopeon

    Thumbs Up Here

    Just got one of the "small arboreal" cages.
    The acrylic work is clean and neat.
    The optical clarity is excellent.
    Definately worth the price as opposed to a do-it-yourself slopjob.
    Very pleased.
    Adam is attentive, communicating with the customer regarding payment, shipping, ...everything's great.
  5. hastur

    hastur Arachnopeon

    Just received my order today, a small arboreal and small divided terrestrial.
    Both cages look great.So much nicer than my assortment of deli cups and rubbermaid tubs.
    I'm sure I'll be ordering more when I can afford to.
  6. Singbluemymind

    Singbluemymind Arachnobaron

    I ordered two adult arboreal cages from adam. there was a mix up in the shipping but adam was really good about e mailing me and keeping me updated, he even had fedex sending me e mail updates. anyway i got my cages and they were in great shape and i will be getting more from him in the future
  7. HerbertWest

    HerbertWest Arachnosquire


    I ordered a large arboreal cage for my beautiful P.Ornata and was very pleased..cage is top notch and came packed safe..cant wait to get it set up and then ill post some pics..thanks again!!
  8. hastur

    hastur Arachnopeon

    ordered 3 more cages...
    They came very well packed...great cages.I love em.
  9. arachnofein909

    arachnofein909 Arachnosquire Old Timer

    awesome cages i'll order again for sure great service.{D
  10. richardstr

    richardstr Arachnopeon

    arboreal cages

    I have purchased three arboreal cages from Adam. Fantastic Quality. I use them for Phelsuma klemmeri. I highly recommend Adam.
  11. Quixtar

    Quixtar Arachnobaron Old Timer


    I just received two custom made cages from Adam. They look stunning! Thank you!
  12. JNG

    JNG Arachnoknight

    im glad he gets good reviews.

    i was happy with my deal w/ NWINVERTS.com but my sling is way too little right now. But, have been looking at the cages here all the time. Cant wait for mine to grow up big enough so I can order the aboreal cage from here. Those things look awesomely made. So, when mine grows-up. This will be where I get a cage from for sure.
  13. Krazy Kat

    Krazy Kat Arachnoknight

    I'm very Happy!!!!

    I just received my cages from Adam and I'm like,WOW!!!The two small arboreal cages are impressive.I wish I bought some sooner.You can't appreciate them by just looking at the pictures on his site you need to see them in person.If you need cages Adam is the go to guy.I'm sure I'll be buying more in the future.This is the third time I've ordered from tarantulacages.com and every time the packing was good and everything came on time.I've bought tarantulas from him as well and they are always in good shape.Thanks Adam...:worship:
  14. Positive

    Cage Review:
    My girlfriend got me the largest arboreal cage with the door for Xmas and it is an amazing cage. You have to see one in person they are the most perfect tarantula cage there is. Crystal clear acrylic glass, ventilation, easy access door, AWESOME cage, well made too. I disovered I can't just have one now :wall: so thanks honey, and thanks Tarantulacages.com!!!!
  15. tjmi2000

    tjmi2000 Arachnosquire Old Timer


    I received my small double cage yesterday and it is perfect. The packaging was top notch and free shipping to boot! I will definately order more.
  16. HerbertWest

    HerbertWest Arachnosquire


    Just received 2 large Terrestrial cages and am pleased..came packed very safe and in top notch condition..strongly recommend these cages for anyone
  17. bugguy1

    bugguy1 Arachnosquire Old Timer

    Another great order

    I have order multiple times from Adam, both with his amazing cages as well as live tarantulas. This time I received 3 Grammostola pulchra and 1 Brachypelma boehmi. Adam kept in touch with me during the transit time which I appreciate and everyone arrived safely and they all look very healthy. I fully intend on ordering from Adam in the future...I cannot recommend him enough! :clap:
  18. Onagro

    Onagro Arachnosquire Old Timer


    I just placed my first order with Tarantula cages.com and couldn't be more impressed! The cages are well-made and Adam himself was very polite and easy to talk to. Thanks for the great cages!
  19. Miss Bianca

    Miss Bianca Arachnoprince

    Guess Who's Back........... Back Again......

    :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap:

    Once again, I must praise this amazing workmanship. I am just as impressed as the first time and I'm glad I'm able to come back. I just received two small terrestrial models and they were packaged very well. I'm anxious to house my new T who'll be arriving tomorrow. I love the site, the attention to detail on a great product, prices and shipping are fair, speed of order handling as well as constant improvements and Adam, he's a doll. Thank you very much, again, for a great product!

    These cages are the best for Tarantulas. I highly recommend them.

    All the best to Adam and his craft
    . :worship: :worship: :worship: :worship: :worship:

    -Bianca aka 'tortuga00'
  20. Nerri1029

    Nerri1029 Chief Cook n Bottlewasher Old Timer

    Just did a trade with Adam :)

    Couldn't be more pleased.

    While I haven't purchased any cages myself I inherited a dozen of them and love them :)
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