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Tarantula Cages (www.tarantulacages.com)

Discussion in 'Online Dealer Reviews' started by Okitasoshi, May 18, 2007.

  1. julesaussies

    julesaussies Arachnobaron

    {D POSITIVE!!! {D
    Adam has more than just great tarantula cages - he has tarantulas!! i was surprised not to find any reviews for Adam's tarantula's. i just received a gorgeous female B. albiceps from Adam today. He kept me up to date regarding shipping, tracking numbers, etc. Great communication over all. The packing was A++. She was packed warm and snug in an insultated box with a heat pack. She is definitely one of my most favorite T's - right up there with my favorite female B. smithi!



    i would order T's from Adam again and recomend you do as well. You won't be disappointed! Thanks Adam!
  2. helpermonkey

    helpermonkey Arachnopeon

    Very Positive

    Ordered 1 juvi arboreal and 1 juvi terrestrial cage from Adam several weeks ago and I've been very happy with them both (so have the spiders). In addition to this, he was very helpful and everything went perfectly with the order itself. I will definitely be purchasing more cages in the near future. They really are just about perfect for your tarantula and look fantastic sitting on the shelf.
  3. SuperRad

    SuperRad Arachnoknight


    I just bough a b. boehmei and b. smithi from Adam as well as the divided terrestrial cage to keep them in till they're older and the whole package was AWESOME!

    Adam worked great with my schedule and since we're in the same town I was able to visit the place where the magic happens and select which T's I wanted from what he had to offer. His shop is awesome and professionally run and the cage construction is off the hook.

    Really pleased with my new pets and super pleased with the place they have to call home.

  4. Beautiful cages!

    Hi, all! I just received 3 of Adam's smaller arboreal cages and 3 of his new front opening large arboreal cages and all I can say is SUPERB!!!! His attention to detail is awesome. The hinges and locks are all smooth and open easily; the seams are perfect and they are strong, well-built cages. The new style with the front opening gives you a good 6" of area for substrate, moss, rocks and to anchor your cork bark or tree fern. There's also plenty of room for your water bowl once you get everything the way you like it. The metal vents should provide excellent air flow. I can't wait to set these up and move in the new boarders.:D Diane Fisher
  5. nbutler

    nbutler Arachnopeon

    Great Cage

    Adam does a great job, my fireleg female is very comfortable in Tarantuala.com cage. Excellent quality and maximum visibility. The best I have seen in cages for spiders!
  6. UrbanJungles

    UrbanJungles Arachnoprince


    Just got 2 more cages from Adam and I really LOVE the new front opening models...great stuff. My spiders look oh so sexy in their Tarantula Cages.com cage.

    I just need 4 more!!!!!
  7. jpet

    jpet Arachnosquire

    Got my cage today. Very good craftsmanship would definatley order more.
  8. jen650s

    jen650s Arachnobaron


    Got my 2 A. versicolors from Adam today. They arrived in great condition in spite of a cold snap and a delay in shipping for the weather to warm up. Adam was obviously concerned both about the welfare and condition of the Ts as well as having a satisfied customer. Thanks Adam!
  9. Fuzzy Luv

    Fuzzy Luv Arachnopeon


    Hi everyone,

    This is my first post and I wanted to jump on the bandwagon with everyone else about how pleased I am with my purchase form Adam @ tarantulacages.com. I purchased a aboreal and terrestrial enclosure along with a Antilles Pinktoe (Avicularia versicolor) spiderling form Adam. It arrived today and the little baby is in fine shape and REALLY beautiful and Really fast! If you're looking for a great tarantula enclosure or healthy tarantulas, Adam is the man! The enclosures are truly a work of art that Adam has a great talent for. His communication in staying in touch along with his integrity are fantastic. He's answered every email I've sent and went out of his way to add the terrestrial enclosure to my order at the last minute. That's all for now. I'll stay in touch about the new baby. Thanks everyone!

    The spider taketh hold with her hands, and is in kings' palaces.
    Last edited: Feb 1, 2008
  10. jblayza

    jblayza Arachnopeon

    I do recommend

    :worship: Just received my 2 A.versicolor slings from Adam!! They are beautiful. Adam made my first online purchase a great experience. The T's are awesome, the packaging was excellent, and I spoke to Adam on the phone and he was more than willing to answer all my questions and he even did me a BIG favor. I definately look forward to ordering from Adam in the future, but i think this time its gonna be one of his awesome cages. I am very satisfied and definately recommend ordering from Adam!!!!!
  11. Kwadapok

    Kwadapok Arachnosquire

    Positive A+++

    :clap: Very nice cages. I ordered one of the divided terestrial cages. Came just when Adam said it would and looks great. I will definately be buying more.
  12. yuanti

    yuanti Arachnosquire Old Timer

    Just received my two cages from Adam. One large terrestrial and one small. The packaging was first rate and the cages are excellent. I will definately be ordering again. Now I can't wait to use these cages. =)

    Thanks again!
  13. Fran

    Fran Arachnoprince

    Quality and Elegance

    I just received my large arboreal cage from Adam.
    He is very professional and a really nice guy.

    I'm a little of a perfectionist freak :) and the cage is really well done, great precision cuts..I cant even see a tinny scratch on the cage.

    The cage looks really elegant,the ventilation system is geniusly done and the size is just perfect!!!

    I love the professionalism of Adam, he will answer your questions right away and he will do whatever it takes to deliver the cage when he said so.

    I'm changing all my enclosures for Adam's cages, they just look great!!!

    Thanks again Adam!!
  14. ttula

    ttula Arachnosquire


    i got an adult arboreal cage and i am extrememly happy with it. very nicely made and my avic loves it. i think i will be getting these for all my Ts. :)
  15. Fran

    Fran Arachnoprince

    Another great job from Adam

    I just received a Large Terrestrial cage from Adam (Tarantulacages.com).

    Again, great packaging job, excellent communication and the Cage looks
    sharply done!

    I Really like the fact that they are finger prints proof! :)

    Not a tiny scratch... just geniusly done. The enclosure looks simply great.

    Forget about low quality tanks and pain in the butt lids!
    Adam's cages are the best for your T's!!!
  16. yuanti

    yuanti Arachnosquire Old Timer


    Another great experience. Ordered and received a small terrestrial cage just this week. Already put it to good use.

    Excellent packing on the shipment once again. I'm using this and the others to house my scorps and centipede. =)
  17. FrankieP

    FrankieP Arachnopeon

    Customer Satisfaction Number One

    I ordered the small divided terrestrial cage and it arrived perfect condition. Even better (and this is on a customer service note), Adam Hunt (the owner) defered shipment for me when I was unexpectanly called out of town and there was know one at my place to receive a FedEx package for me. So rather than sit out in the rain for two weeks, the package was safe in Adam’s shop waiting for my email to send it. If this works out for my little science project, I just might be contacting Adam for some more cages.
  18. mdbr1

    mdbr1 Arachnopeon

    Tarantula Cage

    I purchased 1 adult terrestrial cage, received it promptly, and is very well made. If I decide to expand my collection, I will definitely purchase again.
    Thanks Adam....

  19. unitard311

    unitard311 Arachnoknight

    Adam is the man!

    I ordered an avicularia versicolor and it arrived alive (it was well packaged!!). I also love the large arboreal cage I received as well. Great customer service and knowledge. I highly recommend Adam for all of your tarantula needs. I will buy from you anytime.
  20. bugguy1

    bugguy1 Arachnosquire Old Timer

    Very Happy

    I just placed my first order with Adam, both for a terrestrial enclosure and a female Brachypelma albiceps, a species I have always wanted. His e-mail communication was perfect and I always knew what was going on. Since I ordered the spider and the enclosure at separate times he arranged so that they both arrived today and they came in in perfect condition. I would recommend Tarantulacages,com to everyone! I will be buying more in the future! :clap:
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