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Tapinauchenius gigas


Sep 2, 2009
Mating: 20th Oct 2009..
Kokon laied: 27th Jan 2010.
Kokon opened (by the female). 26th Febr 2010 (L2)
1st molt: 05th Márch 2010.
Number of slings: 214 pieces
Bad eggs: 6 pieces



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Aug 16, 2007

Feb 10 - Female T. gigas molted
May 12 - received MM from friend
May 13 - introduced MM in female's enclosure, successful insert. Took male out after
May 20 - put MM in female enclosure for communal mating
May 21 - took out MM; female seemed a bit aggressive
May 22 - sac laid
May 30 - checked on sac, didn't look good
May 31 - opened sac, details below

I tried to open the sac last night.

First I prepared the hammock...

here is the last photo of the sac with the mom!

The sac does not look good here...

Just as I thought... mites ate the sac



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Aug 19, 2009
Male molted mature 7-25-11,made first spermweb about 10 days later.
Female molted 6-15-11,and was fed well.She is 4.5-5 inches.
Male placed with female 8-5-11,drumming began after a few minutes.Male aproached Female as soon as she drummed back.She was quickly lifted and 2 insertions were witnessed,then he RAN.
Waited for a new spermweb,then re-paired with the same results. The insertions are FAST with these guys.
Female was offered 2-3 medium crickets every 2 days until she went off feed,about 3 days prior to making a sack.
Female webbed herself in,and on 8-28-11 a sack was noticed,23 days after the first pairing.
Sack pulled 9-18-2011,and 150+ fat 1st instars were found.
****Female was kept at 81-83F during the day,and 77-78 at night*****Humidity was not measured,but was probably 70%+*****

***Thanks to Diane Fisher,and Kelly Swift for the great tips and advice.

2nd instar as of today (Oct. 9th) ,210+ as of last count.I have another sac in the incubator as well.
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Dec 12, 2005
Successful breeding of Tapinauchenius gigas
Pre mating care
Female was fed a couple large roaches a week for 2 weeks prior to be paired with the male.temps were 75-78F

Mating 13.01.14
I put the males tub against the females tub and opened the lids,the male took roughly 10 minutes to start walking around and out his tub.He climbed up to the lip of hers before he started tapping and vibrating to which she came out from the bottom of her bark to the top and started drumming back to him.They very quickly hooked up and the mating took about 5 minutes with multiple insertions witnessed.After he let her go she ran back down into her hide and he tried following to which I caught him and put him back in his own tub.
After mating care
The female was fed heavily for the next couple of weeks and allowed to dry out.When she looked very fat I then put her up onto a higher shelf at 82F and soaked her,then let her dry again and repeat the soaking.

Eggsac 23.2.14
The female started webbing a lot 6-7 days prior to laying the sac and she would sit on the substrate for long periods.Then 2 days before the sac was found she was webbing even more so I knew it was imminent.I soaked one end once more so I knew it wouldn’t dry out when she had the sac as I wasn’t wanting to disturb her atall.She was then placed into a cupboard at 85F and in the dark constantly.

Eggsac pulled 10.3.14
I pulled the eggsac earlier than normal as the temps were pretty high so I was hoping they would be N1 when I did pull it.I got the sac after a long fight and opened it up to find N1’s and about 100 of them with a few black mushy eggs at the bottom.Then placed them in an incubator comprising of damp tissue in a tub with not much ventilation and kept 80F
N2 stage 14.03.14
Slings- 29.03.14
Final count of 91 slings