Tank Placement


Jan 25, 2011
I have a couple questions about where I've placed my tank. When I first got Sydney, I had the tank in the living room. Then I noticed that she had kicked her hairs at what I can only guess was my curious cat. That didn't last long at all. I moved her quickly into my bedroom on my dresser, that way I can lock my cat out when I'm not around. The dresser is about two feet from my computer so I sometimes worry that my music is too loud. I don't really know much about "hearing", I only know that they respond to vibration. The tank is on a completely different surface, so music doesn't cause any vibration near the tank. I'm pretty sure she is fine, but it never hurts to be 100% sure. The other thing is that I occasionally open the drawers and try to be very careful not to frighten her, but sometimes she jumps at the vibrations. I don't really have anywhere else to put her, but if any of this is a problem, I'll try to find a better place. Thanks in advance for any help :)


Old Timer
Dec 26, 2006
That placement seems fine to me. It's good that she is on a different surface, so the music shouldn't be too bothersome (as long as you're not blasting it too loudly). You're definitely more careful than me - I'm opening and closing the drawers above my Ts' tanks all the time, and their tanks are located behind my laptop, where I'm always working, yet they appear to be content. Kudos for being sensitive to your T's needs! :)