T handling~:0) I did it!


Celestial Spider
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Feb 13, 2003
My son wanted to hold the T's....
So last night we took out the Rosie (brown bitey thing~:0))
and the A. Avic. (Boots)

Have you ever noticed how different each T feels on your hand?

The rosie almost felt like it wasn't there, freakin' CREEPY!!:eek:
It walked a little bit, then it just sat there like a "pet rock"

The Avic hit it's feet so hard on my hands, I was quite sure it was there! You know how they have really thick feet, they felt like
getting hit with a rubber mallet. It never stopped moving, and
it was hard to get it back into the jar. :rolleyes: I guess it
wasn't ready to go home:rolleyes:

Tell me about how your T's feel when you handle them:cool:

Can you feel a difference?


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Apr 12, 2003
Ha. mine are the opposite. Our rosie is a big fat cow and really heavy. So you can surely feel it walking on you. She is a slow old girl though and very pet rockish just like you said.

One of our A. Avics, Hervis, we handle. She is super fast, can't stand still for even one second, and she feels like a feather getting gently raked down your arm.

We just got our other A. Avic (Leroy) so we haven't handled her yet.

We don't really handle the rest of our t's either.


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Dec 11, 2002
I've noticed a difference. My curly hangs on for dear life when I handle her, she sinks her little claw things in my skin, so I KNOW she's there. My avic doesn't stay still enough for holding, but the male I have lent out at the moment is the nicest little spider ever. He likes to sit on my head while I look at arachnopets. :) I don't handle my fat rosie much either, she's a meanie. I have handled everything in my collection, but some will never touch my hands again(hopefully). The H. Lividum, usumbara, and H. "Longipendum" are too unpredictable to hold more than once. They all can bolt or bite at a moment's notice.


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Feb 6, 2003
Definatly huge differences.
Our roses like to find a spot along the hand or arm, dig in claws and just perch. "That's enough moving for today thank you I am happy right here."
Moonbeam makes the none moving part clear by showing fangs if you try to move her off your hand and she doesn't want to go.
Then it's a wait till she's ready.
All our avics are spastic hyper light little run demons that never hold still.
The heavist is definatly our smithi Sprocket.
Her weight alone amazes me.
Sling wise. feathery tickles.