T body language is it learned reflex??

Bob the thief

Old Timer
Dec 29, 2002
I recently came up with the idea that overtime we learn our little eight legged friends body language consciously
I was at work today and saw some of the new volunteers try to pick up a Curly we got last week. I knew it was ticked off just by looking at it. I told volunteers not to touch him and sure enough 10 minutes later after I had gone someone had picked him up and he bombarded her with hairs.
I think we learn the t's body language as a reflex in our brain we don't actually have to observe it to see if its angry or not , but is that possible? I mean if a T has its body raised off the ground or its raising its rump that's a sure warning. Another example is the fact that we have a rose hair that I got the feeling I should stay away from then after a while I noticed it would raise its rump and palps very slightly as I walked by. The zookeeper around here has noticed it too.

And no I have never been bit

Code Monkey

Old Timer
Jul 22, 2002
I don't know that I would use the term 'reflex', but with time and observation, we definitely learn how to interpret their visual cues. It's human nature to find patterns and codify them, T behavior is no exception.


Old Timer
Mar 10, 2003
So what you are really saying is that you learn the subtle behavior "tells" subconsciously and avoid a potential aggressive encounter almost without conscious thought?. It still goes back to what CM said unless you think you are a Tarantula psychic then you are on your own.