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Swift's Invertebrates (www.swiftinverts.com)

Discussion in 'Online Dealer Reviews' started by Matt, Jul 18, 2002.

  1. Waxen

    Waxen Arachnosquire Old Timer


    Took me a while to throw down a positive post for Kelly as I've been very involved in getting my T collection started. Kelly was first rate on info for a beginner and timely in his e-mail responses. I had a delayed shipping requirement because of some vacation days at work and he had no problem shipping them exactly when needed. He also pointed out that Airborne is bad about leaving the package without knocking and sure enough that happened with my shipment. Because of Kelly's forewarning I had my T's less than 1 a minute after they were dropped off because I was prepared for Airborne's lack of courtesy.

    All in all, Kelly is a great dealer for communication, good packing, and always a freebie. The B. angustum (freebie) he sent me is eating like a horse. I look forward to doing business with Kelly again. Thanks!
  2. Arachnoboards

    Arachnoboards Arachnoboards Team Staff Member

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  3. spyderguy1983

    spyderguy1983 Arachnosquire Old Timer


    I just received my first order from Swift's.

    The Positives
    Payment and ordering on the website were very easy. When I received my order it was packed extremely well. Everything I got was healthy and larger than advertised. The freebie was a nice touch. His prices were also very good in my opinion.
    The Negatives
    I emailed kelly with a question and never received an email back. I went ahead and ordered from him anyways. I figured he was a pretty busy guy. I placed my order and received confirmation from paypal that kelly was paid. I waited till the next afternoon and still hadn't heard from kelly. I had to email him for confirmation that he had even recieved my order. He sent me an email right away letting me know my order had already been shipped. All of my order was there except a Green Bottle Blue. Instead I received a Costa Rican Tiger Rump. I was satisfied so I didn't bother emailing Kelly about the mix-up.

    Overall, Kelly is a good dealer. It looks like mostly everyone has had very good luck with him. I will order from him again to give him a chance to get this rating into the positive.
  4. Swifty

    Swifty Arachnobaron Old Timer

    Hi Spyderguy1983, As time goes on, you'll find that there really wasn't a mistake made in your order. C. cyaneopubescens spiderlings resemble C. fasciatum spiderlings, and I'll guarantee you got the Green Bottle you wanted.

    I do have to admit that I get extreamely busy, and am not the best about answering emails, but I get increadable amounts and it gets simply too hard to keep up with.

    I'll gladly take the neutral review


  5. spyderguy1983

    spyderguy1983 Arachnosquire Old Timer

    Well if this is the case then that is my mistake. I apologize for my ignorance on what a green bottle blue spiderling looks like. Your service was very good overall. My apologies for the neutral review.

    I will be ordering from you again as soon as my wife lets me ;)
    Last edited: Apr 25, 2004
  6. Adam

    Adam Arachnosquire Old Timer


    On thursday, around 1pm, I ordered a Pterinochilus sp., Citharischius crawshayi and a Haplopelma lividum from Kelly. On friday morning I had them in my hands, along with a Phormictopus cancerides freebie and a vile full of pinheads. Awesome service, competative prices and just a great experience in general. Highly recommended!
  7. stemloop

    stemloop Arachnopeon

    Excellence in every aspect....


    I won't detail my experiences, as they would merely echo everything else already submitted to this thread. If I had to think of ways to improve on Kelly's service.....hmmmm......let's see... Dude, why can't you deliver the bugs personally, and set them up for me? Maybe feed them for a coupla weeks, make sure they're well-established in their new homes?

    Seriously, there is no better invert dealer out there. Kelly is the best, and I know I can count on complete satisfaction with every animal, every time I order. {D {D
  8. kenniey

    kenniey Arachnosquire Old Timer

    great online seller ! I placed a few orders with him and each time I got them in a day . The scorpings and spiders was in perfect contion ! He is very understanding and answers all your qustions , He goes outta of way to make us happy . Even sent me some tiny crikets for my recluse! Oh and I never seen a better packing job . Box ,syrafoam, shreaded paper , papaer towels , spiders was in tubes , scorps in deli cups . then in sealed paper bag . I recomend him highly ! great guy , great service !!!
    Give him a try if you aint yet .
  9. Waxen

    Waxen Arachnosquire Old Timer


    As usual Kelly delivered on time as promised. I ordered 11 more sling's from him on Monday and they arrived today just as he said they would. One died in shipping but it was definately not because of his packaging. Kelly's packing could survive a nuclear winter and the T's would be alive and kicking. All around a good guy to deal with and good selection of T's. I would suggest people that are new to the hobby as well as veterans to order from Kelly with no hesitation as to the quality of service that they will receive.

    Thanks again Kelly.
  10. Darwinsdad

    Darwinsdad Arachnobaron Old Timer

    Great Buy,

    Kelly did an awsome job with everything from the packing to the T's themselves.
    They all got her in great shape and kicking. I will second everything everyone has said about Kelly and his sales. He even included the as stated vial of pinheads and the freebie. (a curlyhair in this case) :)
  11. spidergoddess

    spidergoddess spidergoddess Old Timer


    Kelly Swift is my favorite online dealer. I first ordered from him two years ago, and barring one escapee, every spider I have received from Kelly is still alive and well.

    Received a new order today, and as expected, no less than perfection in packing, all 10 spiders in the box in great shape, and some very active "Just in Case" crickets. Love getting a surprise freebie. This time it was a T.pruriens - one I know nothing about, so will enjoy the new experience in arachnoculture.

    Thanks for another wonderful shipment, Kelly!

    Frances Dorman
  12. WayneT

    WayneT Arachnoangel Old Timer


    I ordered 4 slings from Kelly last week, as my other dealers were all in Carlsbad and I needed my fix. I'd heard good things about Swift's and thought I'd check him out. He's very quick on emails and his service is fantastic! We spent close to an hour talking about breeding. I'm fixin' to try and breed my T. blondi's and he was very helpful. So what does he kick me for a freebie? A Brazilian salmon pink! Thanks Kelly...ANOTHER monster to feed!!! Seriously...the guy's a pro, his packing is a thing of beauty, and he even kicked with some pineheads (and I mean PIN-heads), which saved me a run to the pet store. I'll be using him again, without a doubt. :cool:
  13. Goliath

    Goliath Arachnodemon Old Timer


    This review is long overdue, but evertime I have dealt with Kelly the service has been excellent. The inverts came in great (excellent quality), shipments were sent on time, packing was second to none. Kelly even sent crickets to use when I recieved the slings. I wil continue to deal with Kelly as his service is by far the best I have seen.

  14. jtcornpone

    jtcornpone Arachnopeon


    Kelly never fails to delight me. I've done business with him several times before, and I would gladly do so again.
    Last edited: Jun 21, 2004
  15. Mendi

    Mendi Arachnowolf Old Timer


    I had been needing a fix too long, and l finally see my male B.vagans (which came from Kelly) finally looked grown and WOW!! So I went to see if he had them and other species of red rum

    My order

    1 Arizona Giant Striped Knee (Aphonopelma sp.)
    2 Brachypelma vagans
    1 Brachypelma sabulosum
    1 Avicularia versicolor
    1 Chilobrachys fimbriatus

    Having server problems and couldn't get through , but he sent mail from here,
    I called him and we talked... Maybe some hints on future lists. And he help my RedRumps

    1 Brachypelma sabulosum freebie

    Awesome packing as always and the shipping company had the box here 12pm I suggess shopping at least twice a year. Great with the midas touon his wonderful slings A five ******** of star dealer

    Thanks Kelly very much
  16. jwb121377

    jwb121377 Arachnoangel Arachnosupporter


    What can one say about Kelly's service that hasn't already been said? The whole order process is easy and pleasurable, and the inverts are top notch. If your thinking of placing a order with swiftinverts you can't go wrong.
  17. Gene

    Gene Arachnoknight Old Timer


    What can I say. Kelly is the man! Everyone arrived packaged well & in great shape. Ordering couldn't have been easier and the short description on the website helps tremendously for newer keepers like myself in selecting species I am interested in.

    Many thanks Kelly!
  18. Tarangela

    Tarangela Arachnobaron Arachnosupporter

    I have been ordering from Kelly since 01, and he has incredible service!!! I have to say, he is one of the best ;) Best packing, extra pinheads, and super little babies!

    I ordered my T. blondi from him when she was 1/4", and now she is an amazing beauty of at least 8-9". BEAUTIFUL. She could win shows ;)

    And he was the one that sexed her for me :)

    Excellent, and I will continue my shopping there for a very long time!

    Once, he even helped me out by phone w/ a molting problem!
  19. jayco_heat

    jayco_heat Arachnosquire Old Timer


    Ol Kelly 'll get my bizness again once I decide to mail order another T.
  20. Ghost13

    Ghost13 Arachnopeon

    Positive !Positiveundefined :D
    Kelly is the man! Ships on time and the quality is excellent. Every thing was packaged perfect. I got my new Peruvian Pede from him today very happy. Definitely the place to find what you are looking for!
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