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Swift's Invertebrates (www.swiftinverts.com)

Discussion in 'Online Dealer Reviews' started by Matt, Jul 18, 2002.

  1. Beth-Tex

    Beth-Tex Arachnoknight Old Timer



    Am almost at a loss for words in adding praise to Kelly Swift. What can be said that already has not been said......just need to state this: Excellent!! Excellent!! Excellent!!
  2. rapunzel

    rapunzel Arachnodemon Old Timer

    once again..


    Once again, Kelly was awesome!
    Airborne delayed my delivery AGAIN, and I didnt get my package until a day later..but Kelly is very very compensating and very easy to talk to.
    Thanks to his AWESOME packing, the T's were more than alive..very active, look fantastic, and even the little micro-crickets survived the delay. Micro crickets that he included "just in case".
    His slings are very healthy, his prices are fantastic, and his customer relations are fantastic.
    And of course, the freebie he included was one I am estatic to get. Gotta love that bonus freebie!
    Swift's gets my high recommendation ...again!
  3. ceaser68

    ceaser68 Arachnosquire Old Timer



    i have ordered for swift's twice now and i have had excellent results both times !! good job
    Last edited: Apr 14, 2003
  4. sylas

    sylas Arachnopeon


    Great product and excellent service.
    Plus a freebie!
  5. minax

    minax Arachnoknight Old Timer

    Another great order from Swift's! Every order is the same quality, all incredible in every aspect! The packing is a very important aspect of any order and Kelly is second to none in this area; all my animals always arrive safe and vigorous thanks to his expert packing. Even when the weather is colder than forcast. And compared to some other dealers who shall remain nameless, he only advertises what he has in stock; in my experience the orders are shipped out very quickly after ordering. And though some "other" dealers try to slash prices once in a while, you get what you pay for. When you add his freebie in( always a delightful surprise) and the small crickets, and his reasonable shipping rates, and the high quality stock, I am confidant that you will agree with me that there is not a better value out there! EVERY spider I have bought from him looks like a picture perfect example of the type species! And he replies to e-mails quickly as well. And if he does sell any wild-caught animals, you can bet they are well taken care of, not imported and thrown out for shipping before they are acclimated like some dealers do. Some people prefer to shop in person to see the merchandise, but Kelly is the only person I trust to consistently send me the quality animals I want while ordering sight unseen. I have dealt with alot of reptile and invert. dealers over the years....... And I believe Kelly is the most trustworthy and delivers the highest quality inverts. at the best prices!
    Last edited: Mar 10, 2003
  6. Code Monkey

    Code Monkey Arachnoemperor Old Timer

    Yet another glowing review


    After more than a year of reading positive reviews about Kelly Swift, circumstances finally came together for me to place an order from him.

    I ordered 7 spiderlings from Kelly through his website on a Saturday night and sent payment by PayPal (gotta love being able to shop for Ts at 3 AM). Something went wrong with the form processing, but he was on top of things and emailed me first thing Sunday morning to find out exactly what I had sent him money for. Everything was cleared up and confirmed on Sunday.

    The order shipped on Monday and Kelly emailed me with the tracking information that evening without me needing to ask. The package was delivered Tuesday afternoon as promised, the packing was excellent, and everybody was alive and looked good.

    The highs:
    Kelly's stocklist, while never the largest out there, is still sizeable (almost four dozen different species were being offered at the time I ordered) and always varied. Most importantly, because he isn't just reselling from a certain major wholesaler, there's usually a gem or three on there not being sold by anyone else at the moment.

    The web ordering and payment system are nicely integrated and easy to use. Kelly followed up everything by email and was on top of everything without me having to prod.

    His packaging was discrete, always a plus for us apartment dwellers, and the packing itself was the best I've seen, even beating John Hoke's packing, and that says a lot. Everything was clearly labeled and the labels were fully keyed out on the invoice.

    The Ts themselves all looked good and were sized appropriately.

    His website is colorful, easily readable, and well laid out. Although Ts sell themselves to a certain extent, Kelly's website should be a lesson to other vendors on making something that screams "buy me!". His site and John Hoke's are neck and neck for the best in the business.

    And, although I fully realise that they're wrapped up in the prices I paid, the freebie T and vial of pinheads as starter food were sort of the whip cream on top of the sundae as far as making impressions go.

    The lows:
    Kelly is definitely not the cheapest guy in town; he's not outrageous by any means, but not necessarily the best fit for the budget conscious, either. You do pay for the "freebies".

    Although I give kudos to his website, would it kill the man to alphabetize the stocklist? Although this was my first order, I've considered him several times in the past and it's always a poke and hope game to see if there's anything on his list I want. There are also a number of broken links in his "off topic" areas.

    Although Kelly is not the cheapest guy you can get your Ts from, he is definitely among the best for professional service. I've ordered inverts from five different vendors and I don't think it's coincidence that the two most expensive also gave much better service than the less expensive (and are also the only two to receive a positive rating from me). A pinktoe may be a pinktoe no matter who you get it from, but it does matter that the animal has been well cared for, packed well, and the order is filled without errors every time. Plus, it's nice to know that a given vendor will be around for the forseeable future (Swift's is definitely one of the longest established internet invert businesses).

    I have little doubt that one of these days I will order from Kelly again and would recommend him without reservation to anyone.
  7. belewfripp

    belewfripp Arachnobaron Old Timer


    This was my first time ordering from Kelly, and as I did with my first order from Golden Phoenix last year, I made my first order from Swift's a large order. As far as price goes, some have mentioned him as being a little high, but while he isn't the absolute lowest-priced dealer I've seen, I had nothing to complain about in his pricing.

    I had a little trouble placing the order and ended up making a manual email and then paying by paypal, and my roommate George forgot to give me a message from Kelly from where he had called for me while I was at work, but it worked out in the end and Kelly was generally quick to respond and friendly about everything. Like the other two dealers I used this year, he accomodated the fact that no one was going to be home in the first part of the week following the order and held off shipping until we knew we would be there, which was appreciated.

    We had one spider arrive DOA but while sad, it was a large shipment, and Kelly had no problem refunding the cost of that sling, which was also appreciated. The pinheads and free chaco goldenknee were a nice touch and while as CM said they may be 'paid' for already, it was nice to have the convenience of the pinheads right there in the shipment.

    Overall, there were some bumps, but I was pleased with how everything turned out and would do business with Swift's Invertebrates again.

  8. alidpayne

    alidpayne Arachnoknight Old Timer


    Recieved another order from Kelly Swift on Tuesday. Great shipment including P. ornata, P. Fasciata, A. Versicolor, and C. cyaneopubescens.

    All arrived healthy and active. Packaged extremely well.

    Also recieved a free G. aureostriata (the cuetest little guy!).

    Not much I can say except wonderful product and service from Kelly as usual!

    Highly recomended, and will definately order again!

  9. Beth-Tex

    Beth-Tex Arachnoknight Old Timer


    This week has been a bit traumatic for me because of the arrival on Tuesday of a dead female A.moderatum, who died in shipment. Well.......I must tell you that Kelly Swift was the absolute BEST in dealing with me regarding the unfortunate situation. When I had sent him the e-mail telling him that she arrived dead, he called me on the phone & we talked at length. When I say length, I mean length as I tend to get rather long winded at times. :p

    He told me of all the various things that could have gone wrong with the shipment & was very supportive throughout the whole ordeal. His packing of spiders is superb!!! I had ordered from him before & I know that the death was NOT due to packaging. No one could pack better. Anyway........he turned right around & sent me another little gal. She's a bit smaller than the first one was but she's just as beautiful. :D

    Kelly has first rate animal stock & cares about his animals & customers. We kept in contact through e-mail & by phone. (He actually called twice) His packing (as stated before) is the best, that & coupled with his good customer service puts him right on top. He is definitely a wonderful gentleman in every sense of the word, one who cares about his customers & their satisfaction & also cares about the animals he sells. If you want excellent service & excellent animals & excellent packing , then Kelly is your man!!
    I cannot recommend him highly enough. :D

    This high praise is not meant to indicate that the other dealers on this board are not as good. I have ordered from others here & have been very happy & satisfied with the service. It's just that this was a hard situation for me, because for me, a spider is not just a spider & Kelly was very supportive & did not hesitate even a second to replace the damaged T. This is just stellar in my book.

    Kelly..........I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart!
  10. skadiwolf

    skadiwolf Arachnolord Old Timer


    i ordered two slings from swifts on thursday. they arrived on time packed beautifully this morning before noon.

    they were labelled and even came with an extra vial of pinhead crickets. :D

    i even got a beautiful chaco golden knee as a freebie!

    i am thrilled with my purchase and wouldn't hesitate to place another order in a heartbeat!!!

    thanks kelly for your wonderful work!

    also, kelly responded to my emails and questions and even called me back when i mentioned nervousness about caring for them correctly. awesome!
  11. Tarantula Lover

    Tarantula Lover Psalmopoeus Lover Old Timer


    Again great work from Kelly! I ordered two slings from him:
    1 P.cancerides 1"
    1 P.pulcher 1"
    And he threw in a freebie:
    1 H.maculata 1/4"
    He answered all of my phone calls, ect. Very nice, i will never hesitate to deal with him in the future again! Thanks again Kelly!

  12. Buspirone

    Buspirone Arachnoprince Old Timer


    I'm a happy customer. Prompt delivery, well packed and everything arrived alive and I got a Brazillian Black & White as a freebie. I will have no reservations about doing business with Swift's again in the future. Top Notch!:D =D :D
  13. jwb121377

    jwb121377 Arachnoangel Arachnosupporter


    Well once agian I had a great shopping experince with Kelly. Here is how my order with Kelly Swift goes down; On Thursday I email Kelly to find out the availability of the slings I wanted to order(8-Lasiodora parahybana 1-Aphonopelma sp Flagstaff Orange 1-Ephebopus rufescens 1-Brachypelma pallidum), within two hours tops I have a reply that he has all of them in stock and is ready for my order. Friday afternoon I make payment via paypal, and sometime later get a confirmation that my payment is accepted. Monday I get a call from Kelly to confirm wich of my addresses (he has two diffrent ones for me) he should ship the order to. Later that afternoon I get a email to inform me that my order has shipped along with the airborne tracking #. Tuesday morning I have my spiderling along with my freebie (Heteroscodra maculata:) ) Kelly always has my repeat business due to his extremely healthy stock and his high level of customer service. Give him a try and I'm sure you will be happy too.
  14. Bob the thief

    Bob the thief Arachnoknight


    Yet another order from Kelly and it was great as they said he is not the cheapest guy but its really not much of a differnce compaired to some other dealers. But you do pay for quality I got my roaches and slings in perfect condition he always packs pinheads with them. Animals come fed and well protected for shipping he also is very friendly and actually cares more than you can say for alot of dealers.
  15. Maggie

    Maggie Arachnosquire Old Timer

    I got in a order from Kelly Swift today and as usual, he did a great job with the packing and getting the spiderlings here safe.
    I got: 1 L. parahybana, 1 B. angustum and 1 H. maculata (sp?), plus a freebie.
    Thanks Kelly!
  16. petitegreeneyes

    petitegreeneyes Arachnoprince Old Timer

    I ordered 12 different slings from Kelly and couldn't be happier. I got a; E.uatuman, A.minatrix, P.pulcher, H.schmidti, 4-L.parahybanas, P.reduncus, B.ruhnaui, C.portoricae, and a Aphonopelma species,(Flagstaff orange). They all are in great shape and I got a really nice and special freebie since I forgot to mention the arachnopets discount and he knew I also was interested in the V.platyomma so he gave me one of them. Bless his heart!!!! The platyomma is simply stunning and has already molted. My little P.pulcher is like grease lightning and insists on being at the top at feeding time. It has a nice and fiesty attitude. Just the way I like them.
    I will be doing more business with Kelly in the future and thanks so much Kelly:D

    Last edited: Jul 26, 2003
  17. Positive

    I have been dealing with Kelly for over 1 year. I have purchased about 60 spiders from him, mostly slings. I buy mine from him in person at a local reptile show, so I can't comment on his packing. What I can say is that Kelly is a great dealer that truely loves the hobby. He always has a very good selection, fair prices, and an informative website. I would highly recommend Swifts, you will not be disappointed!
  18. 8leggedfreak

    8leggedfreak Arachnosquire Old Timer


    I just wanted to let everyone know how great it was ordering from Swift's. This was my first time ordering spiders over the internet so I was a little hesitant. After reading all of the great feedback that Kelly had gotten I decided to order from him. The spider's all arrived in great condition and the next day they were shipped. I will definately do all of my ordering from Kelly Swift from now on.=D
  19. Mr. Kelly is Awesome!

    This is my first post on Arachnopets and I want to say that Mr. Kelly is cool. I usually buy from him in person at a reptile show but I've bought spiders in the mail too. Mr. Kelly has helped me a lot and took time to answer all my questions at the reptile show. He is very good at sexing tarantulas by looking at them and even sexed the immature male G. rosea I was buying from someone else!
  20. skinheaddave

    skinheaddave SkorpionSkin Arachnosupporter


    After testing out several other dealers for an order I was placing and being horribly unsatisfied by sketchy answers and late replies, I finally just resorted to the one dealer I had never heard a single bad thing about. Kelly was swift (pardon the pun), efficient and very pleasant to deal with. The entire exchange was stress-free and the guy who was supposed to get the bugs got them exactly when he was supposed to. You really can't ask for more than that.

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