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Swift's Invertebrates (www.swiftinverts.com)

Discussion in 'Online Dealer Reviews' started by Matt, Jul 18, 2002.

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    I love dealing with Kelly Swift. High quality tarantulas, great service.
  2. Anonymity82

    Anonymity82 Arachnoprince


    Wonderful transaction. Definitely worth every penny! Good communication. Great deals and healthy animals. Highly recommended!

    I ordered a B. jacksoni and he worked with me to reach the 20 dollar limit. I also received probably around 20-30 baby crickets (appropriately sized for my order) and an H. mac as freebies!

    Thanks Kelly!!
  3. vespers

    vespers Arachnodemon

    100% positive.

    I'm a bit late with this review, but I wasn't a member/just a lurker until today. I purchased a Pandinus imperator from Kelly a few months ago...everything went smooth, she was quite healthy (and gravid!). She popped out a brood of 14 in July. I then purchased a Hadrurus arizonensis shortly afterword. Again, everything went smooth and a healthy specimen arrived.

    Highly recommended!
  4. S2000

    S2000 Arachnopeon


    Today I recieved A. Chalcodes, P. Murinus, B. Albopilosum, L. Mactans, B. Jacksoni, and S. Polymorpha. All under 1 inch, besides the centipede.

    Everyone survived. I was surprised because there was no 'fragile' indicator on the box and the USPS guy checked off as parcel instead of perishable but everything was packed well and not sluggish at all...especially the OBT which decided to run a marathon.

    I really liked that there was a vial of "just in case" crickets. It's hard to find pinhead crickets so I got something live to feed the slings.

    8.5 because he did not respond to either of my e-mails; there was no communication.

    I would order from Swift again as well as recommend because of the great selection of both T's and other awesome arthropods and because the price of slings and choice of freebies make his business very competitive price-wise.

  5. morrisnakes

    morrisnakes Arachnopeon


    I am thrilled with my order. Every single part from start to finish is perfect. Kelly contacted me very fast after the order to let me know when they were shipping. He has been great in the past about answering T questions as well. The order arrived safely and was packed very well, far above average. Every single T was lively and well. Love the freebie. Will be doing business again soon!
  6. Oreo

    Oreo Arachnocookie

    Perfect transaction! Slings came in healthy and I appreciate the communcation, very professional.
  7. moghue

    moghue Arachnosquire

    Another great transaction as usual. The T's came in healthy and feisty a few were actualy a bit bigger then i thought they would be which is so awesome. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND HIM A+++++++++++++++++++++++++++
  8. darkness975

    darkness975 dream reaper Arachnosupporter


    Perfect transaction. Best site for buying inverts hands down. The communication was excellent, packaging was outstanding, and stock appears healthy and active.
  9. Finished my first breeding loan with Kelly. My slings came in on time and well packaged, not a single fatality. Great communication as well.
    Kelly is top notch.
  10. Dhaynes

    Dhaynes Arachnosquire

    An indisputable positive from me.

    I ordered a Rhopalurus Junceus from him, forgot to leave a note and sent him an email to hold, for me to receive him on Thursday(Today.) The day before he ships the scorpion, I realized i forgot to name the tarantula to request. So I do send him a last second request, no reply (Can't get mad, was going to be a freeby, and sent the email last second. And any dealer could have just said they didn;t get the email, but Kelly was honest.) But to my surprise! When I get my scorpion, the vial holding my G.Pulchripes sling was right beside it, packaging was by far the best I've seen. So that just sent my excitement level through the roof, and obviously a great surprise that made my day. Not only that, but there is a vial full of appropriate sized crickets in the package with the words "Just in case" written on the lid, if I didn't have my own feeders. Definitely doing future business with Kelly again!
    Last edited: Nov 16, 2012
  11. A very positive experience for a first timer!

    We bought our very first sling from swifty and we are very satisfied with the sling he sent us. Communication is superb. We chose priority shipping and the slings (one we bought and 1 freebie) arrived alive, looking healthy, active and in a good packaging. If ever we hooked up in this hobby, swiftinverts is in our top list.
  12. moghue

    moghue Arachnosquire

    Another great transaction as usual. Great communication great packaging fast service. Everything always comes in healthy and feisty. Bought 2 B.jacksoni scorpions this time and they are so awesome and feisty. I am
    A lifelong customer as you can never go wrong dealing with Kelly.
  13. yourevilsaint

    yourevilsaint Arachnopeon

    Perfect Transaction

    I ordered a C. Elegans and a C. Sellatus yesterday, I got them today I was surprised to find that I also got a freebie (K. Brunnipes) Just totally awesome it made my day! not only that but Kelly also threw in some crickets small enough for my slings which was a total life saver because I only had big ones on hand. The the packaging was superb and the T's practically jumped right out of the vile such energetic little fellas! :laugh: I will most def order from Swifts again! :biggrin:
  14. MagicalLobster

    MagicalLobster Arachnosquire

    Fantastic. Awesome spiders (one of which was free), free crickets, fast shipping, and great communication with a cool dude. I bought my A. Versicolor and G. Pulchripes from him and couldn't be happier.
  15. mytarantula44

    mytarantula44 Arachnopeon

    Swift's Inverts

    Best Dealer I have Ever worked with!
    1. Fast to reply to emails!
    2. Shipped with amazing Packing and care!
    3. Free Tarantula care sheet!
    4. Free Tarantula no matter what!
    5. Free Crickets!
    Check him out!-------http://www.swiftinverts.com/ :biggrin::biggrin::biggrin::biggrin::biggrin:
  16. Meezerkoko

    Meezerkoko Arachnoknight


    Wow just wow! Kelly Swift is fantastic! So helpful and such great customer service! I ordered 2 C. elegans (one for me and one for my friend) and a B. Smithi. My friend chose the Payson Blonde as the freebie. Everything came in healthy and active. The Payson had actually molted durring shipping and it was just fine.

    He answered every question I had and shipped out on a convenient day for me and the slings were packed great! Not only that nut all the slings were bigger than the site listed them. He also included tiny little crickets for my slings! So awesome!

    Thanks again!
    Last edited: Jan 18, 2013
  17. LuiziBee

    LuiziBee Arachnobaron


    There was a bit of an issue and the items got scanned wrong somewhere along the way. But he kept in great contact with me and everything went very smooth otherwise.
    Both my T's (and crickets!) arrived safe and sound!!

    Will DEFINITELY use again!

    Thank you!
  18. Scar

    Scar Arachnosquire


    I'll just copy the email I sent to Kelly:

    I am sending this delivery confirmation at your request, and also to send many thanks! Thank you for the phone call earlier and the voicemail. The slings are all healthy and doing well. All 3 of them ate tonight, and that little GBB is already webbing up its new home! The H. mac is quite a bit smaller than I expected, but that's fine. I am very pleased with the business that you do. I can tell you really put a lot into this. From the good prices, prompt shipment, to the communication, the great packaging, the free T, the free pinhead crickets, down to the nice invoice and business card in the box , everything is TOP NOTCH. You know how to take care of us nerds! I will order from you again for sure (I'm thinking about venturing into other inverts beside tarantulas, also). Thank you again!
  19. positive

    It was great! I ordered a S. mesaensis and a C. cyaneopubescens. They arrived today and the packing was great! Newspaper, foam, and paper towels! I got the container out and
    it had my pets in it and a free vial of pinhead crickets! I didn't exactly "want" a freebie but I saw there was one in it and I was like "Well.....ok then", but it quickly grew on me!
    I am in love with the freebie now as well, it is a B. albopilosum. I love all of them, they all arrived in great health and I love it! If (when) I get more inverts I will definitely go to him!
    I recommend him to anyone that wants new tarantulas and inverts! Very cheap prices and great packaging!
  20. Very good job, everything about the entire process was fast and easy. got my 4 new little ones all very lively. great job will definately be ordering from kelly in the future.
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