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Swift's Invertebrates (www.swiftinverts.com)

Discussion in 'Online Dealer Reviews' started by Matt, Jul 18, 2002.

  1. Matt

    Matt Guest


    Swift's is an extremely easy dealer to work with. You tell him what you want, he replies with the total, you pay him, you get your bugs the next day. Very great at doing orders.

    Prices are usually cheap, and the solid, cheap $20 shipping is nice. The inverts for me have always been in great quality, as described by the man.

    His business has 6 invert categories, but he only focuses on Tarantulas, a bummer for non-spider collectors. Therefore, his selection in the other 5 is low, and he does not get new things in that often.

    All in all, a great dealer.

  2. Mendi

    Mendi Guest


    I just love Kelly's store and how well he works with us on the internet, in person, and etc. I've bought 6 slings from him in January :) and with his help at first they are all doing great and growing into little Ts. I know that I will be buying more Ts from him at Swift's Invertebrates in the near future... Thanks Kelly ;D
  3. DC

    DC Guest


    Kelly Swift is one of the friendliest and most helpful dealers that I have dealt with. A very straightforward honest dealer who possesses an enthusiast's heart. I remember how much he participated on the tarantula mailing lists. He only deals top quality inverts and his packing is among the best around. His very well-cared for inverts have always arrived in perfect health. Though he deals mostly in tarantulas do not miss the great deals he always has on rare millipedes along with various scorpions, centipedes, and other arachnids. Highly recommend him!
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  4. Rick

    Rick Guest


    I give Swift's a 10. I can say this because I've gotten many, many shipments from Swift's Invertebrates. I've gotten tarantulas, true spiders, scorpions, myriopods, and even some things that were not on the price list. I've gotten adults, sub-adults, spiderlings, wild caught and captive bred alike. I've always gotten nothing but top quality from Swifts; A-1 healthy animals in top shape. I've recieved many packages from various sources, and none have packed as good as Swifts, even ones that pack above and beyond themselves. This is why he doesn't lose animals in shipping, because of the time and care spent on packing. He always has an excellent selection to choose from current with what's new in the hobby as well as hobby classics.

    Take it from a satisfied customer who's dealt with other dealers, and can make an educated comparison, and who's dealt with Swifts more than just a few times, you'll never be disapointed with Swifts Invertebrates. I've gotten alot of spectacular specimens from Swifts, too many to list here, but all unique in their own right.

  5. Chuck

    Chuck Guest


    Kelly Swift was the guy who started it all for me.I knew absolutly nothing about Tarantulas and Kelly hooked me right up. He replyed promptly by e-mail and when I called on the phone he spent more than ample time with me answering all my questions.I've gotten six T's from him and all were in excellent condition.The "always a freebie"thing great marketing on his part; great for the buyer too.I always said to my wife If there was something I could do for swifts inverts for being as helpful & professional as he was... Well .... Keep up the good work Kelly. Chuck NY
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  6. mrderanged

    mrderanged Guest


    This was my first time ordering T's through the mail and I have to say it was a great experience. Kelly was very helpful on the phone when I spoke to him. The t's arrived masterfully packed and in excellent condition. Kelly was also nice enough to throw in some micro crickets to help in feeding some of the tiny little T's that I bought. I would highly recommend Swift's Inverts to any first time buyers out there and would gladly do buisness with him again!!!

  7. Lucifer

    Lucifer Guest


    Of the dealers I've dealt with I would definitely recommend Kelly Swift. Though I've only placed a single order to date with him I've had several conversations/e-mails with him regarding the hobby. In addition I know personally of others in my area that have placed orders with him and had only positive comments. Though I haven't dealt with all the major dealers I give Kelly the top position on my list.
  8. Positive

    I have only been in the Tarantula game for a little over a month. I puchased 3 slings from Kelly, and they are doing fantastic! They got to me VERY well packed, and in great shape!

    I really think he is one of the best dealers out there, and I will continue shopping with him..
  9. Phillip

    Phillip Guest


    I have dealt with Kelly on a regular basis for a few years now and having dealt with several others can honestly say Kelly takes a back seat to no one when it comes to packing the animals well, being extremely helpful and informative, and being above all honest and completely trustworthy. You will not be dissapointed by ordering from Swifts I never have.
  10. Vayu_Son

    Vayu_Son Guest


    Awesome service, prompt replies, great packing, micro mealworms "for the lil ones" included. All t's arrived in perfect health.

    Will definately do bussiness with again.
  11. sevencattys

    sevencattys Guest


    ;D I highly recommend Swift's Invertebrates. Ordered two little Tarantulas and received three, plus worms. Though Airborne took two days to get to Kodiak, Alaska "overnight," all beasties arrived alive and in great shape.

    Kelly went out of his way and was exceptionally nice, packing of the specimens was excellent, and the Ts are wonderful. I'll definitely order from him again! ;D
  12. Bill Daniels

    Bill Daniels Guest


    ;D Very very pleased with my order and how quickly it arrived. I am used to buying off of ebay for items I want online no pets before of course. But I do know of dealers who have sat on my shipment for days before sending it. Not so with this group. a Very wonderful person to do business with. Very informative. The product was perfect, active centipede very healthy. Three active spiderlings. I only ordered two and yet somehow he sent me a freebie costa rican red and food to go for all three spiderlings. I will definitly buy again from him and refer all my friends interested in the hobby to him. Thank you.

  13. Mendi

    Mendi Arachnowolf Old Timer


    I can't praise this store enough, but let me try...
    =D =D =D Great Spider Store =D =D =D
    Swift's Invertebrates

    He specializes in tarantulas and captive bred ones at that! You may find one or two wild caught specimens in the tarantula page, but rarely. He has a fairly large selection of Ts and the prices are very good! I've gotten many of my tarantulas there and can't think of anything bad to say about his business. His shipping is either $20 for USPS Express Overnight with guaranteed live arrival, or you can risk it with it using Priority mail. I doubt you would ever have one arrive dead either way unless temperatures were too extreme either way. He packs them extremely well for the trip. And to really make your shopping experience one to remember, you always get a freebie. He will even enclose a small vial full of pinheads if your order includes tiny little ΒΌ" spiderling just in case you haven't got any to feed them with. He will even sex you spiders as a free service too, and they don't have to be ones you get from him. Just send him a molt at least 2" prepared the way he asks on the site, and you'll know in a few days the sex. This helps me greatly as I have MS and suffer with tremors and fuzzy vision. I can't get an exuvia opened without shredding them :p

    He has other bugs and some native wolf type spider, a few scorpions, centipedes and millipedes to offer, and even some starter roach colonies so your arachnids don't suffer mealtime burnout on the crickets.

    I think his prices are quite reasonable for all the work in selling captive bred pets, though you might be able to get a wild caught adult for $10 more, are you sure you want to. How old is it? It isn't about to die of old age next week, is it? Is it healthy and parasite free? Plus you get to miss the fun of watching the little spiderling grow up, after all, aren't they going to end up being a cherished "child" under your care...

    Oh, man, I've about talked myself into getting a few babies from him again that I've been watching... I once waited too long, and the ones I was wanting were gone. I'm feeling the need for a fix...

    Hi, my name is Mendi, and I'm an arachnoholic! And, Kelly helped get me addicted :D=
  14. SkyeSpider

    SkyeSpider Spider Queen Old Timer


    All in all, I'm VERY happy with my experience dealing with Kelly. The spiders were packed extremely well, he included some pinhead crickets so I could feed the thin ones on arrival, and I even got a free Avicularia metallica (one of the neatest pinktoes!).

    There were a couple of downsides with the order (which were no fault of Kelly's, but I'll list them anyway):

    The shipping company, Airborne Express, is not the best shipping company. Their website was down, so I had a good deal of trouble tracking the package. Once I finally got through by phone (12:35PM the day they were to arrive) I got an automated message saying my package was already delivered at 10:17AM and was left on the porch. I panicked! I checked every porch in my neighborhood for a box. Finally, I saw an Airborne van pull into my driveway, so I sprinted down the street to catch him. His excuse for marking it down as delivered? "I was lost..." followed by, "...I'm new to the job." Never an I'm sorry, though. If I'm to order from Kelly again (which is very likely) I'd prefer to have the option of a different shipping company.

    A few spiders were MUCH smaller than advertised on his website. My C. portorecae (almost too small to see), B. vagans (1/16"), and A. seemani (1/8") were all listed as 1/4" on the site. It's not a problem, per say, just an inconvienience. They'll just require closer attention to care for a while.

    As I said, all in all, it was GREAT first order! :) I'll certainly be ordering from Kelly again in the near future :D

  15. Gail

    Gail Arachnopixie Old Timer


    I have ordered from Kelly 3 times now and I have NEVER been dissappointed. The first time I ordered from him was the first time I bought a spider via mail since I was a kid and the critter I ordered came in dry as a bone and deader than Julias Ceasaer. I expressed this concern to him in the email I sent him with my order. Kelly called me on the phone to allay my shipping fears and tell me that the spider I was ordering he didn't have any females left. He helped me pick out another spider over the phone. He took time to send follow up emails and respond to questions I had concerning their care (he sent a free tiny chiliean copper and I'd never had a spider that small up to that point) all this for an order that was only $25 !! With his help I became hooked on the tiny babies - I love raising the little ones now. My two subsequent orders were just as fantastic and always a freebie is a wonderful thing - like opening a Christmas package! He has always included either pinheads or micro mealies to make sure you have something to feed your babies right away. His spiderlings are always plump and healthy. I would recommend that anyone thinking of ordering over the internet order from Kelly Swift - you just can't go wrong with him. =D

  16. Haploman

    Haploman ArachnoEarthTiger Old Timer

    Thumbs UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    I dealt with Kelly in the past and he's a real professional, I highly recommend to buy off of him:D
  17. Kenny

    Kenny Arachnoknight Old Timer

    Swift's Inverts



    Yes,,Swift is a very good dealer and I have for example one growing "freebie" just looking super. Good selection as well.

    One can't go wrong with Swift.:)

  18. galeogirl

    galeogirl Arachnoprince Old Timer


    I just got my first shipment from Swift's and not only were the spiders gorgeous and in perfect shape, but he included pinhead crickets as feeders for the smaller Ts and the freebie he sent me was a spider that I'd been wanting anyway! It doesn't get too much better than that. The packing job was amazing.

    All around, a huge thumbs up! :D
  19. Botar

    Botar Arachnoprince Old Timer


    I received my shipment from Swifty on today as well and I echo Galeogirl's comments to the letter.
  20. vandan

    vandan Arachnopeon


    I recently purchased three tarantulas for my classroom from Swift's. Kelly Swift was very prompt and courteous. My order was received in perfect condition and included a free tarantula and a nice supply of pinhead crickets for feeding. After my order arrived Kelly was extremely helpful and patient in answering my questions over the phone. I would highly recommend Swift's to anyone.


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