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Discussion in 'Online Seller/Buyer/Breeder Reviews' started by Ultum4Spiderz, Nov 7, 2011.

  1. TexasTreeViper

    TexasTreeViper Arachnosquire


    I purchased some vials from Thad & couldn't be any happier. Communication was great & everything about the transaction went smoothly. Wouldn't hesitate to do business with him again.
  2. We got a nice healthy FEMALE P. irmina from Thad. Should be ready to pair! Communication and packing were great too! Thank you.
  3. Acro

    Acro I Want A Golden Goose! Old Timer

    I got some cage decor from Thad (sweetypie) today!
    The price was great, the items are great and I am very pleased.
    He is a good guy who is nice to deal with and is very giving too.
    Thanks again Thad!
  4. catfishrod69

    catfishrod69 Arachnoemperor


    Just met up with Thad today and got a couple versi females, and a ton of vials and random stuff from him. As always, his tarantulas and everything else was in amazing condition. He keeps excellent communication, and is a pleasure to deal with. I look forward to dealing with him more in the future, and highly recommend him to anyone looking to deal with him. Thanks again. John
  5. catfishrod69

    catfishrod69 Arachnoemperor


    Met up with Thad again today and purchased a couple females from him. As always, specimens are in excellent condition. He is a great guy to talk to and do business with. I look forward to purchasing more off him in the future. I highly recommend him to anyone at all looking to deal with him. Thanks again. John
  6. Exoskeleton Invertebrates

    Exoskeleton Invertebrates Arachnoprince Old Timer


    Thad,( sweetypie ) did a great job shipping the B. smithi female that he had for sale. Received her today, very good looking smithi. The whole transaction went smoothly, I would buy from him again. Thanks Thad!

    Exoskeleton Invertebrates
  7. Exoskeleton Invertebrates

    Exoskeleton Invertebrates Arachnoprince Old Timer


    Communication with Thad was excellent! Package was well packed, spider looks healthy. Thad shipped the day he said he would, I would recommend anyone to do business with Sweetypie... Thanks Thad for my new addition.

  8. P. Novak

    P. Novak ArachnoGod Old Timer


    Last week Thad and I completed a transaction at the upmost level! With high quality Ts and extreme value on the line Thad was by far the most thorough and methodical person I've ever dealt with. He took the time to personally discuss the Ts and transaction details over the phone for several hours. Even sent videos of each individual T without request. After a couple of weeks of discussion and planning it was decided to finally transport these prized jewels across the country. Thad's packaging was perfect and all 4 made it just fine. We had planned on a video review, but it didn't pan out on my end. So I'm hoping this written review does justice to Thad's percision in planning and dealing. I would not hesitate to buy anything for this guy. Outstanding and flawless! I sure hope we have the chance to deal again in the future! Amazing. Thanks for everything and I'll keep you update bud!
  9. catfishrod69

    catfishrod69 Arachnoemperor


    Just met up with Thad and picked up some enclosures. Thad is a great guy to deal with, and to talk to. Enclosures are in great shape. I enjoy doing business with him, and look forward to more of it. I highly recommend him to anyone at all. Thanks again! John
  10. Had one solid transaction with Thad... Very professional, and he is on top of his game! Packed extremely well, and even took a video of the packaging. A+++ Will not hesitate to do business again with Mr. Thad. Thanks!
  11. Positive!

    Just received my T and couldn't be happier. Great packing and awesome animal. Thanks so much Thad .You've made my MM a happy spider.
  12. POSITIVE+++

    I got my package of P. antinous yesterday from Thad. She arrived alive and healthy.Communication and packing was more than excellent.
    I will definately deal with him again.Thanks again
  13. jfuente31

    jfuente31 Arachnosquire

    Positive ++++++++++++++


    Dealing with Thad was overall excellent choice in my part, communication was great and he goes an extra mile with the info he shares with you. I don't usually like animals being shipped, but he really really did a great job with how the animal was packaged.. I will not think twice dealing with him anytime given the oppurtunity. Thanks again Thad.
  14. jfuente31

    jfuente31 Arachnosquire



    I did not expect anything less from my 2nd deal with Thad. The ladies are gorgeous, and they were packed as perfect as they can be. I do not know how someone can pack the OBT sling the way he did, I wish I can take pictures but I was at work when I signed off on the delivery. Communication was excellent and he checks on you and how the T`s are doing once the deal is done.

    I will not hesitate to deal with Thad with every opportunity that comes up.

    Thank you,
  15. 110% positive!!! Thad is one of the best that I've had a pleasure to work with. I purchased a female A. geniculata and couldn't be more happy about it. He keeps you updated and stays in touch throughout the whole process. He called me to discuss the shipment and also to discuss my other interest in the hobby. All and all a great guy to work with. I hope to purchase more from him very soon!
  16. LadyofSpiders

    LadyofSpiders Arachnopeon

    ++++ 100% positive++++
    Seller had great communication from start to finish and sent photos and videos of the spiders I was interested in. Shipment was quick and profesionally packed. I was a little concerned because it was so cold in my area when he shipped, but I really should not have been! Spiders were well insulated and packed to be able to survive the cold journey. He even threw in some extras that I was really grateful for. Spiders are healthy and well taken care of and exactly what I wanted. He is very knowledgable and was very free with his advice, which was most appreciated. I would definitely purchase from him again!
  17. mmfh

    mmfh Arachnobaron

    Received a 4" P. antinous and a surprise freebie (thank you Sweetypie). Both were very well packed. Order was shipped and received when I requested. Both spiders were in Excellent condition and settled in quickly. Communication was great and friendly. I would have no hesitation in ordering more spiders from him in the future
  18. MrDeranged

    MrDeranged He Who Rules Staff Member

    Sweeypie's new reviews can be found here.
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