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Old Timer
Nov 22, 2005
So I set up a new apparatus to try and achieve a level of photography that is at least in the direction of approaching "Buthusness." This is the second and last pair of reds I will be able to breed from the first generation due to all of my males dropping like flies over the past 10 days or so. This guy hung in there and put on a good show for his lovely girl and my camera. Hope you all enjoy. I'll have to set up something a little more accomodating in order to get decent embolus shots like some other guys have already shot.

First, here is the lovely girl, Maquaila, before she met JaBron (that's his name):

Here's JaBron himself:

The introduction:

JaBron pimpin' Maquaila's crib:

The approach (Maquaila wasn't very inviting the first 6 or 7 encounters):

JaBron's a pretty talented Wrapper...ha "wrapper", get it?!:

This is the only decent embolus shot I could pull off with this equipment:

Now they're going to snuggle and watch Snakes on a Plane with Matt J:

Anyways, I know you all wish JaBron and Maquaila the best in the days to come...


Old Timer
Jul 18, 2003
Man, those shots really did come out nicely. I enjoyed the overall post as well, but.... Matt J and Snakes on a Plane? Were you trapped in Haworth during the gas leak last week???



Old Timer
Jun 8, 2006
They are fairly decent photos ...pretty much how I feel about mine. :D When you have the "blow your mind" content right in front of you and you get some good, clear shots ...makes you feel like a pro. But, to get overly competitive and cocky about our novice attempts at capturing awsome content is foolish for odds are very good that everytime a great photographer posts some shots, we end up looking like fools. :? :D ;)
So, I declare that as of now, the worlds best latro shot (so far) is Techuser's "geo dangling comfortably from Dr.Doolittle's fingers" shot.

:D :D

Those light reds are freaky amazing. It will be interesting to learn more about these morphs. ...are there differences in life span, fertility, "personality", etc?

Did she chase the male around a bit in the beginning?