sucsseful breeding Aphonopelma schmidti


Old Timer
Jul 25, 2007
i have been wanting to breed my Aphonopelma schmidti's . this is the first t's i have ever bred.well what dosent make sense is it didnt happen like i had read about.i put the male in the tank(30 gallons long)and he franticle ran out and almost bumped into her was almost a disaster the female then quikly ran away .i continued to keep a close eye on them they both carefully avoided each other.i expceted to see the male start to knock his abdomen against the ground but it never happend intstead i saw some thing else happend .with two of his front legs he thumped the ground over and over.but she never knocked this point they had been in the tank together for roughly 16 mins....they countinued to switch place. i my self grew anxious. the female then backed into a corner.i was just about to lift the top of when i noticed him run at her at full speed and pick her up as fast as lightning she fought for a few minutes but then gave in.i carefully watched the proccess he hooked her fangs perfectly about ten minutes latter he put her down and scuried away she chased after him but quickly gave up i then removed him from the tank and put him in his own question is why was there no abdomen thumping or anything that i have read about. in a week or two i will try again to ensure an eggsack will be developed in the mean time do any of you have any tips about breeding or usefull info:D