Substrate and burowing T's


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Aug 7, 2002
i have a few questions b/c i am about to recieve a few T's that r supposed to be burrowers.

1) I read that Usambaras r this true?
2) I am getting an Asian Cheveron....ive heard that they r similar to H. lividum in that they r mean and love to this true?
3) i have for the Usambara plenty of potting soil to burrow in and for the Asian Cheveron i have plenty of potting soil and some vermiculite to hold moisture b/c of its moisture this good enough for their borrowing needs?

thanx in advance


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Jul 16, 2002
Hey Coop

1. Varies with usambara's. Some are burrowers, some are "arboreal". I've seen them make extensive web tunnels and just mix subtrate into them to provide camouflage. Depending on your individual, you may never see it or it may hang out at the top of some webbing. Mine were set up with a thin layer of peat and a cork bark hide. They burrowed under the corkbark and made a bunch of web tunnels. Lived out his days happy as far as I know... :)

2. According to some, Asian Cheverons (C. paganus) are actually H. sp. "longipendum" or even a subspecies or color morph of H. lividum (Cobalt blue). They have the same care requirements and can both be potentially nasty T's. My experience with both species is that if you let them burrow and don't disturb them in their burrows, they're very easy to deal with as my H. lividum always ran and hid and my C. paganus NEVER comes out of his.

3. Sounds fine. I personally like peat myself, but to each their own. You may want to pre moisten the PS a bit so that it can hold it's shape. You should also pack it down a bit to be more conducive to burrowing.

Hope that helps some,