Stupid Friend - Need help.


Jul 9, 2020

Excuse my language if it is not very understandable but I am French and use a translator!

I bought a 6 cm LP, there is 2 months ago, everything is going wonderfully and a friend of mine wanted to do the demonstrative guy by buying 6 tarantulas from 0.5 cm to 5 cm.

According to him except that his parents do not want these creatures. He has the possibility to part with it definitively ... or that I buy it back from him except that I am a little lost in all the parameters concerning the maintenance of the spiderslings.

He currently has:
1x Mr. Balfouri (~ 1cm)
1x H. Pulchripes. (~ 1cm)
1x Pamphobeteus (~ 2cm)
1x A. Geniculata (~ 4cm)
1x C. Versicolor (~ 0.5cm)
1x Tl. Alboposilum. (~ 5cm)

The problem is that I hear everything and vice versa, but I would like to save his little ones.

Could you help me tell me if we need wet substrates or not, water bowls, given the size? what foods for the little ones? and if it has special conditions for certain species?

Thank you very much and indirectly, my stupid friend too.


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Apr 24, 2018
Most all of those are very common species you should be able to quickly search and find solutions to your questions
It’s the magnifying glass 🔍 at the top right of every page

Cas S

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Apr 22, 2018
give water dishes to all of them, water bottle caps work fine.

For the small ones feed them food the size of their body (not the legs, just the cephelothorax and opisthosoma) you could try to offer prekilled prey, cricket legs, or cut up mealworm segments to them because slings will often scavenge, just make sure to remove any uneaten food the next day

C. versicolor needs to have a lot of cross ventilation,