strange death :?


Old Timer
Mar 23, 2006
I was doing my weekly feeding last night for my scorps and T's and noticed my h. laoticus was looking kind of limp. He was up against the glass and hide laying sideways with his tail in the flat death mode. I dropped a nice chunky cricket in front of him and he made no attempt at grabbing it.

I thought I would take a closer look so I picked him up and was confused. It looked as if he hadn't eaten in months. This was by far one of the most gluttoness scorps Iv'e ever had. He would easily take two to three crickets at once stuffing himself on a weekly basis.

Just last week he took a couple of big crickets down, and now he looks as if he's never met food in his life. I decided to look at him for a bit and then noticed it started having convulsions. It's pedipalps would twitch forward as if he was having small siezures. It looked completely involuntary.

Has anyone ever had anything similar happen to them as far as what was described? This morning before I left for work I took a look and a quick poke to see if he was done and it would seem so. It sucks because he was a beast of a scorp. I had a mold problem a few weeks a go back which I fixed with a weak bleach solution. Could either one of these been the cause.

P.S. His tank mate seems to be doing fine so I really don't know what's going on.


Old Timer
Mar 28, 2006
I'll go with the bleach. I had a similar problem. When my brother decided to clean the tank with simple green. But the twitching stopped after I cleaned the tank and he lived for another good six months after that.