Stout Leg Baboon or Fort Hall, what can you tell me about em?


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Oct 9, 2006
One of my local stores tends to get lot of Baboon type T's in..
I know they aren't friendly or handleable...
But are they a desirable species?
Do they tend to be a hole in the dirt type?
Heavy webbing so you can say "Oh look, nice webs.. where is the spider???"

Just wondering...



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Nov 26, 2004
Well, you probably talk about the Eucratoscelus pachypus

They're awesome spider, extremly under rated, probably becuase they're not enough purple orange red blue green metallica!

They're big digger's, bull dozer machine! They're native to south of Kenya, and north of Tanzania, where the climate is tropical by some period of the year

Mombasa, Kenya : Rain in MM / month

J : 25
F : 18
M : 64

A : 196
M : 320
J: 119

J : 89
A : 64
S : 64

O : 86
N : 97
D : 61

Tropical climate, rain season : April to June, with a little higher rain in October and november.

Termperature : Very hot at all time of the year, December to marsh behind the warmest, with an average of 31 degres the day, 21 the night ... Note that when its 31 degres the day, in the spider burrow it is about 25 degres celcius, when its 21 the night, the temperature will stay constant in the burrow, at 25 degres or so.

Rest of the year, constant ... 28-29 the day, 17 the night.

They're not webbing that much, not to compare to Heterothele villosella, or Pterininochilus murinus. This said, they will hide a lot, like most African species ...

It can be explain by they lived million of year in extreme temperature the day, and colder temperature at night. In the wild, they cannot really get out the day, and they keep that behavior in captivity, they will rarely be seen the day, and sometimes you will see them the night, looking for food.

Their venom is effective, similar to Pterinochilus sp.

This is an AWESOME species, but, know to be harder to keep in captivity. Richard Gallon suggest to keep them at colder temperature them most african species. Its confusing because other people say to keep them very warm!

Personally, I would keep it this way:

Well ventiled, and at 23-24 degres celcius: day 21-22: night

3-4 LIGHT mist / week, just a couple of drop at the entrance of its hide so the spider can come out and drink some, you know ... just a little of drop that will dry out in the next hours. Every 2-3 weeks, you can rehydrate the substrate by dropping water on the substrate, dont floor the tank, just rehydrate the substrate a little, they're know to hate to humid environement : Rain season

1 light mist / week : Dry season.

Unfortunatly, i've no experience in keeping this species from spiderling to adult, but, from what i'ved talked about with European friend that kept them, it can be a good way to care of them. This said, I repeat they can be hard to keep alive in captivity, i've had a couple of unexpected death with my spiderling!

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