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Stingers exotics


Old Timer
Aug 2, 2010
Stingers exotics is in Michigan. It seems to be a good place where the people are helpful. I decided to buy a Goliath bird eater from there. I was very happy until I got home. I posted here about my purchase. I found out not only is it a theraphosa burgundy but it is also a male and it is impossible to find a female theraphosa burgundy. He also sold me a 10 gallon for the tarantula and after a week or two moved it to the other 40 gallon I had planned to put it in and it is fine. Not only that but the heating mat he sold me got so hot it burned itself. Lastly it came with a free complementary package of these small fruit fly like flies that also moved to my pzbs tank. It's going to be so fun to manipulate the like 5th most aggressive tarantula in the world.