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Stamps Tarantulas - AKA Longview Steven (Stevens Stamps) (https://stampstarantulas.com/)

Discussion in 'Online Dealer Reviews' started by Thobby1982, Oct 10, 2012.

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    Positive!!! Best by far!!!

    This guy is the best I have dealt with ever. Very helpful and to me the best at shipping. The quality of his T's are beyond what I expected and that is the most important of all. Great guy to deal with so if you have not had the pleasure look him up, you will not be dissapointed!!

    This is for all 6 separate transactions I have done with you. Each one was excellent and could not have asked for better.

  2. Radashack

    Radashack Arachnosquire

    Thanks for the excellent spiders, service, and fantastic packaging. I will definitely be buying from you again.
  3. jdeloach

    jdeloach Arachnopeon

    Bought a 3' B auratum from Steven. Communication and packaging were perfect!!! So glad my first experience purchasing off of arachnoboards was with Steven. Will definitely be doing business with Steven again!
  4. Valvool

    Valvool Arachnopeon


    Purchased four M. Balfouris and three I. Miras from Steven. Specimens arrived healthy and beautiful. Packaging was unusually well-executed, with the use of a one-piece cooler style styrofoam box with fitting lid. Steven also gave me great prices. I will be purchasing from him again.
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  5. Tgrip77

    Tgrip77 Arachnosquire


    i recently sold/shipped steven a B. auratum MM with LAG. the package arrived at his PO early in the morning and he was quick to go pick him up. since the express package didnt arrive until day 2, i was happy steven got to him first thing in the morning rather than waiting untill the end of the day.
    he messaged me immediately to let me know the MM arrived in good condition. and his communication throughout was very good.
    i had answered his WTB ad and steven was very quick with his paypal payment.
    hopefully i will do business with him in the future.
    thanks again

  6. misslanie29

    misslanie29 Arachnopeon

    This is for Steven Stamps tarantulas. I've bought from him a few times and have never been disappointed. This time I bought some G inheringies from him when they arrived one was very sluggish and one had molted in the vile. It was all twisted and deformed. I told Steven about it and right away he said,"If they die I will replace them." For me that was very very cool as I had not payed for LAG and he was just willing to do it to be a nice guy. I like buying from Steven cause he make sit easy and there is no run around. THANK YOU!
  7. awiec

    awiec Arachnoprince


    I bought 2 1.5 inch G.iheringi slings (for an excellent price btw) and just got them today. He replied fast to my emails and the packaging was great. Both slings were very alert when they cam out of the vials and were about the size as advertised. Would buy from him again as he is reasonable on prices and has a nice selection.
  8. Positive!!!A+++
    Just completed a trade with Steven and I am very pleased! Packaging was excellent! Shipped when he said he would. Kept great communication the whole time. Healthy slings that ate right away! I would do business with him again. Thanks for the slings!
    James parks
  9. timisimaginary

    timisimaginary Arachnosquire


    i ordered my tarantulas and millipedes at 4pm last wednesday and he was still able to package and ship them for arrival the next day. everything was packaged great and even included an extra millipede. highly recommended.
  10. Medusa

    Medusa Arachnoknight

    Took advantage of a sale Steven was having and got a nice Euathlus sp. and H. lividum today. (I was a little worried because we had an unseasonal scorcher yesterday, but T's were well-packed in insulated container with cold pak.) Will do business again. Thanks!

    Thank you Steven, for another well packaged sling order :D
  12. Akai

    Akai Arachnobaron

    I made my first purchase with Steven thru his website now that he has a web presence. I bought 2 B. Auratum slings and 1 L. Difficilis sling. There was a little mix up on the order but Steven quickly rectified it and completed my order in a timely fashion. Steven was professional as well as his packing and communication was top notch. I would not hesitate to do business with Steven again.

    Thanks Steven!
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  13. Akai

    Akai Arachnobaron

    100% positive

    I completed another transaction with Steven yesterday. I received 9 tarantulas that were expertly shipped. the prices were great which keeps me coming back for more! i received 2 B. Albiceps, 2 Hapolopus Colombia sp. Lrg, 2 L. klugi, 1 G.Pulchripes, 1 P. Irminia, and 1 T. Stirmi. Thanks Steven! You will be hearing from me again real soon.
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  14. Tomoran

    Tomoran Arachnoknight


    Just received my order from Stamps Tarantulas, and I couldn't be happier. The prices were fantastic (I picked up a T. stirmi, H. lividum, G. pulchripes, and L. difficilis), and he was kind enough to work with me on when the animals would ship. His communication from my initial query to the final delivery was excellent, and he always responded to my correspondence quickly. The packing was top-notch with foam insulation, a cold pack (the temps had been rising here as of late), and crumpled newspaper as cushioning.

    The specimens themselves were perfectly packed in deli containers and dram bottles lined with moist, tightly-packed paper towels creating a perfect tunnel. All I had to do was remove the towel plug and there was my specimen. I love when obvious care is taken when packing the Ts, as not only does it keep them safe during travel, but it makes them MUCH easier to house. The new tarantulas were in fantastic shape and had obviously been well fed.

    As a freebie, Steven also included an awesome little flashlight that has already proven useful. This was just a perfect transaction, and I will definitely be ordering from Stamps again.
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  15. sandybanjo

    sandybanjo Arachnopeon

    I'll definitely do business with Steven again! He shipped me a beautiful 1 1/2" Lampropelma violaceopes. It was packed very safely and promptly shipped! 5 stars!
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  16. Akai

    Akai Arachnobaron

    100% Positive!

    Well good business keeps me coming back for more! Yesterday I received 1 B. albiceps , 2 Maraca cabocla, 2 M. balfori, 2 G. inheringi, and one H. lividum. Everything was packed perfect and I couldn't have asked for a better transaction. Thanks Steven!
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  17. Akai

    Akai Arachnobaron

    Steven is my go to guy for Tarantulas in the Lone Star State. I received....

    (2) Aphonopelma seemani blue form
    (1) H. lividum

    Thanks again Steven. You know I will do business with you again soon.
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  18. Medusa

    Medusa Arachnoknight

    Have done business in the past and will do again! Got a nice C. sp. "Hati Hati" today in fine shape - and it's larger than anticipated! Give him a try - you won't be disappointed. [emoji3]
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  19. jojobear

    jojobear Arachnosquire Old Timer

    Super Seller


    Got 3 B. auratum from him and they were in great shape and exactly as described.
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  20. G. pulchra

    G. pulchra ArachnoGod Old Timer

    Just received my order for six Pampho. "special" from Steven. The T's were packed perfectly, and were better than described. Excellent communication, shipping, and very willing to share his knowledge. A+ seller, we will do business again in the future.
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