Spirobolus Walkeri Help


Aug 11, 2018
I recently got a small group of Spirobolus Walkeri and I am a bit worried about how they are doing. I've kept Bumblebee and American Giant Millipedes before and both took some time to get used to the new container, but always burrowed in the end. However these new millipedes are just wandering around, I haven't seen anything like it!

I tried giving them a cork flat to hide under as well as some large pices of rotten wood but they won't burrow after 12 hours in the container even thought they sometimes stick their head in the substrate. I dont think it's my substrate because I used the same thing for other millipedes and it worked fine, but i still cannot find any frass pellets. I don't have any leaves in the pictures but I did add a good few handfuls of oak and maple leaves later. I also have not tried cucumber or fruit as a treat yet.

I also think it might be because most of the millipedes are male? The females are calmer and do not walk as much as the males which seem more stressed by each other.

Please help if you keep this species! I am worried and dont want them to get stressed out or starve. :(

spirobolus (1).jpg spirobolus (3).jpg spirobolus (4).jpg