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Spiders, Scorpions, Centipedes and Mites: The Ecology and Natural History of ....


Nov 12, 2012

(continuation of title) ...Woodlice, 'Myriapods' and Arachnids by Dr. J.L. Cloudsley-Thompson.
POSITIVE :biggrin: This book has approx. 230 pages, printed in 1958, relatively hard-to-find in hardcover and quite costly. However, one can purchase the kindle/eBook version from Amazon for a mere 99 cents.{D All that's required is having an android or iOS device that accepts the Kindle App. This tome contains very detailed, informative reference material that will please anyone interested in entomology. I especially found the glossary and index of scientific terms useful. Given the wealth of information contained in this book and it's 99 cents price tag, it's a "must have" read that should be in everyone's library. :2: