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Spiders and Their Kin

Discussion in 'Book and Magazine Reviews' started by milehigh, Jun 18, 2013.

  1. milehigh

    milehigh Arachnopeon

    If anyone's looking for a good arachnid guide to carry around every day, I highly suggest the book Spiders and Their Kin. Not every species is in it, but pretty darn close. it describes different web structures, and the carapace shapes, as well as a paragraph about each genus. I own this book, and I use it every day.
  2. I got this book not to long ago and I can recomend it to anyone who likes spiders...or just arachnids in general.
  3. It's an OK book, I have a copy.Pretty decent amount of species for a small field guide, but uses terms like "poisonous" a lot.If you want a cheap field guide, this is the best there is.
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