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Dec 27, 2010
So here is what happened I decided to buy two spiders from Jacob Bond and His Wife Katrina Bond ...Both needed money for watever reasons...I bought Versicolor and P. Metallica for 120 and trade for my A. metallica female along with 120...anyways i made the payment to him through money gram cuz the dealer claimed his paypal wasn't working correctly...so i trusted him and i still went ahead made the payment at 3:00 p.m. Central Time...I made the deposit gave him the reference number ...after 2 hours i called him to get my Tracking Number ...His phone was blocking my calls...which means he put me on block list...and when i tried to call him from my other numbers...it was working fine...this happened till 12:00 a.m the next day..he calls me saying his son got in trouble ...anyways i don't trust him i told him to refund my money...and i was going to taking him to the police cuz i knew where he lived...Now Supposively he mailed me money through Mail? i dont know if that's even possible...all i will say about this COUPLE..IS NEGATIVE don't DEAL WITH THEM ... thanks you have a good day.