Spider Queries and updates


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Feb 22, 2003
Hi all,

Sorry that I havn't posted in a long while (4 weeks) and that my last post was the "I'll upload the pics of my lividum egg and her moulting tomorow".

But, soon after I posted that, my pc (and the other two on the network) got a virus and were totally owned. It's been with my brother in law for the past 3 weeks being fixed... anyway, finally got it back today. There isn't a single file on the computer:< No songs, no work, no PICTURES, and worst of all, not a single scrap left of my spider site which I'd put well over 40 hours in!! Yeah, always make a back up file!!! Sadly I didn't :<

Anyway, a question regarding spiders (so this thread has some value rather than me rantin on!) whats a 'pink zebra beauty'? I think it's E.Campestratus but any input is more than welcome.

Anyway, since my long departure, my collection has increased somewhat, so I really should start with the pictures! My new fave addition is the T/Blondi baby that looks like a house spider, I've named it lurch from it's gangrly legs

To those who wanted some Lividum slings- they are due for moult and I will sell some after, though due to limited numbers I will not sell a lot... I've already 'sold' 12 but 4 died in the post due to weather so I had to replace them.

Anyway, my latest additions (in no specific order ) are:

A. Metallica
H. Minax
T. Blondi
C. Fimbriatus
E. Campestratus ??
T. Pruriens
P. Murinus
G. Pulchra
L. Striatipes
H. Gigas

Anyway, I hope you are all doing fine and that at leasta few of you remeber who I am :p

Oh yeah, once I've got permission, I'll hopefully be supplying the prize for the UK winner of the next arachnoboards competitons.


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Apr 5, 2003
hey man,
yes a PZB is a Eupalaestrus campestratus!

sorry about losing the files.. always horrible.. you can make it up, right?

nice additions! pics would be welcomed of course :)
later (and welcome back)


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Jan 26, 2003
Welcome back Deifiler! Those are very nice additions to your collection.