spider egg sac care


Feb 22, 2020
Hello there! I'm new to arachnoboards, I'm glad to be here. I was wondering if I could get possible help with some egg sacs I saved last early fall?

to give some background information. My family and I cleaned up our backyard and moved some stuff, sadly, I had to remove two spider egg sacs from a board of wood and a window rail. One of the egg sacs is tan brown and round, while the other is kinda an oval white disk, I have taken them in and they live in a container together and have been for a couple of months, i have some questions regarding these little guys... if someone could help me out that would be amazing!

1: since I live in a cold climate, I took them in and they've been living in a relatively warm house for months now, because of their seasonal location, have I reduced or even jeopardized their chances of hatching if i've kept them in a warm climate? (assuming they hatch based on temperature changes?)

2: I was thinking of putting them outside when the temperature is warmer, how do I go about finding a place for the egg sacs so that the babies can hatch and spread?

3: i often check up on the eggs to see if they have hatched or no harm has been done, by doing this, i noticed i move them around a little bit, does that movement affect the spider's development or growth at all? (since spiders usually suspend their egg sacs to a stationary structure)

if anyone can give me some extra information and care tips, that would be wonderful! Im willing to supply pictures if anyone needs some.


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Feb 20, 2020
I've had egg sacs and they r tricky... Some don't hatch at all I don't think moving it will kill them. I also I believe them sacs should have hatched by now I'd open em up with tweezers n see whats happenin inside also can u show a pic