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Spawn1983 (Stephen Adams)


May 14, 2010

I should have known better than to purchase a T from someone that just joined the board and has no feedback. :wall:

I contacted Stephen on September 3rd and made a payment for a 1.5" A. versicolor he had posted in the classifieds on this board. We agreed that he would ship the T on Tuesday, the 7th, since Monday was a holiday. I contacted Stephen on the 9th to confirm that he had in fact shipped the T. He wrote me back telling me that he hadn't shipped it because he had a family emergency. I wrote back and said that I was sorry he was having a rough time. I haven't heard a word from him since the 9th. I've given him a week to provide some sort of response and even wrote him again and told him that he could refund my money and we can discuss a transaction at a later time when things are better for him. Nothing. No email, no T, no refund.

I understand that things come up, but some sort of communication, some sort of update, would have been appreciated. I don't imagine that I will ever see the tarantula I ordered or my refund.

Needless to say, I'm not happy and do not recommend doing business with this person.


Oct 15, 2008

Total dead beat. took my 40 beans for a posted P. Antinous said he would ship next business day and never did. never answered my inquiries , nor communicated any issues. still no T and no communication. over three weeks.

Death to those that ruin a great hobby.