[Inquiry] Source of pinheads


Feb 27, 2016
Hey sorry I'm such a noob. I tried finding a Canadian section on the boards, but simply can't.

Does anyone know of a source for pinheads in the greater Toronto area?
Ever since PJ Pets went out of business, there's been no one who offers them.

The only place I can think of is Port Credit Pets, however, I find it ridiculous to have to pay $15 shipping as well as wait a day, for $5 worth of crickets, when it's a 15 minute drive away.
It'd be cool if like, once a week, they had a 3-hour pickup window where people could save on the wait and price of shipping and just stop by.

I've tried fruit flies, but my A Versicolor, H Maculata, Tapinauchenius Gigas, and M Balfouri (all slings) aren't too fond of them. They loved pinheads though.