Sort of beginner species...


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Apr 8, 2009
Vaejovis intermedius is an awesome scorpion. It's good sized for a Vaejovis, and is feisty as could be. Venom is supposedly not that strong, but it would hurt I believe.

Problem is that there are not a lot of them around. If you can find one, or find someone in TX to collect a couple for you, you would enjoy them I am sure. I'm going to be out that way sometime this spring/summer/fall at the latest, but I will not be able to ship just a few scorpions. It's a long story, but it's just not possible. There may be others able to do so though. You could try a WTB classified.

One thing to consider with V. intermedius though, is that it has been observed squirting venom when being tailed or tonged. Keep that in mind. Because regardless of venom strength, I doubt you want an eye full of it! :D

*edit* Keeping conditions are pretty simple as well. A light humidity gradient would be good, but they can handle pretty dry air, and also temporary humidity with air movement. They can handle temps ranging from just above freezing to 90's without any problems.

As for the picture, I wouldn't recommend doing this with V. intermedius. I was trying to get a good pic, and was fully prepared to get stung. Yes they are feisty.


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