Somethings wrong


Old Timer
Jun 27, 2010
What is wrong with Fred? What kind of help do you need?
Do you need help lifting Fred's cage down from a high shelf?
Are you squeamish about touching crickets and you'd like someone to help you feed Fred?
Is Fred being uncooperative and you really need someone to come talk to him about his attitude?
Is Fred sick, injured, or otherwise out of sorts?
Has Fred gone missing and you need us to send out a tarantula "Amber alert" or post his picture on the backs of milk cartons?
Do you have questions about how to properly house, feed, or care for Fred?
Help is available - but we really do need to know what kind of help you need before we can be much use to you.
Perhaps you can start with a picture of Fred and his living environment and a detailed description of your problems or concerns.