Some Questions


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May 22, 2011
1.)Are 6 quart plastic shoeboxes large enough for scorpions, if theres only one per box
2.)How often should I feed/water them
3.)are 6oz delicups the right size for babies
4.)When should the babies be fed there first meal

Off Topic) some one I know was dome enough to put a heat rock in ther ball python cage, it gave the snake burn and it refuses to eat, I suggested blending some pinkies and force feeding him with a pinky needle thing(dont know what its called). any other suggestions:eek:


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Dec 25, 2007
You can house any scorpion in a 6 quart shoebox. It's not really good for a larger species like an Emp or desert hairy. or species that really like to dig. I'd stick with smaller species in a box that size.

Feed every few days to once a week. It depends on how big the prey items are and dont be surprised if it stops eating for a while. THey molt and have babies among other things that might cause a fast. Water availablity depends on the species. Some need a constant soarce of water and high humidity others need it nearly bone dry.

I use deli cups for almost all my very small babies. Even 1 once works for a molt or two for smaller scorpions.

Feed the babies after they leave the mothers back on their own.

Most of what your asking is dependent on the species you are looking at. Each one one will have different care requirments. You probably should research the species you are thinking about getting. That way you'll get a little bit more out of the replies people give you.


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Jan 22, 2009
Desert species:

Keep dry. Most require sand (use some type of excavator clay to provide better substrate for burrowing).

Mist side of enclosure one every two weeks / month

Keep babies same way AzJohn suggested.

Again, there will be some differences depending on the species. Most species you will be able to get your hands on will have a ton of care info online. Google and Search bars are your best friend!