Some questions


Old Timer
Apr 16, 2006
When I first got my V. spinigerus, I had them in an all sand tank. I bought a bag of this substrate. I mixed it with sand so now I have this:

Does this look better? When I used my fingers to compact some of it, it felt like it would hold a lot better then just the plain sand did. And yes, the pieces of fake plants are just for the human eye :D And I do have a lid that I use for my mother's peace of mind, so they aren't going to able to use them to get out either.

I've looked up how to sex my particular species & I still don't feel like I have a hang of it yet. There's one of the three that i'm guessing is a male:

Would love to see others weigh in on whether the others are gravid females or just fatties.

This one looks like a well fed tick :D

Today I noticed just how fat the other one has gotten, that I also suspect is a gravid female: