Some New Additions


Old Timer
Jul 31, 2007
Some friends of mine were passing through town and offered to part with a few spiders. Naturally I had no choice but to accept.

P. rufilata:
They didn't want to exit their hides so this is the best you get for now.
This girls is a fresh molt so if anyone knows of a fresh mature male please let me know (not a formal advertisement and the official "wanted" thread will be posted in where appropriate).

This guy molted shortly after arrival. He was large enough I anticipated it would be his penultimate molt. Turns out he has other plans. He may become the largest P. rufilata male I've had so far.

Brachypelma auratum:
We have B. boehmei ready to drop. B. shcroederi no longer accepting a male, a B. klaasi that mated late last year that may still drop, and now we can try B. auratum. Now if only the B. albiceps male matures his next molt.