Some care questions Aranaeus diadematus and a Pholcid (I think Pholcus phalangioides).


Nov 16, 2021
First, I am wondering how long can these be without food or water. I Have had the Aranaeus (female I believe) indoors for a few weeks. She drinks water sometimes, but I mist a bit near her daily, and she ignores it most days. The Pholcus has turned up more recently, and is separate from the other spider. It's up in a corner, she's in a habitat.

As far as food, the Pholcus seems to have done ok up by the ceiling. The Aranaeus has apparently caught a fly on her own, and may or may not have had a second fly about a week later. I would put a fly in her web, but I can't see it AT ALL. I know she has some webs she moves around on, but I don't think that's sticky, and I only know it's there because I see her using it. I recently put in some things she could use for a larger and sturdier frame she could attach an orb web to. The enclosure is quite roomy, and there is already a plant and some sticks that were there all along but as near as I can tell she didn't like those for a web to catch food. I could "door dash" her some flies if I could see where to put them. Right now I have some flying loose in there, with food/water for them. They are houseflies, not all that big.

If a spider has had no food water for 3 or 4 days should I be concerned?
Is there some kind of light to shine at it or a way to see a web more easily (or at all)?

Very new to this, but I love the Aranaeus, she's fun to watch and she's pretty. I'd like to keep her healthy, even though I know she's old (I read they really only live about a year). I just noticed the Pholcus a few days ago, but have plenty of flies and would give it one. But there, too, can't really see the web, and trying to add a fly there just had it shaking the web, so I guess I only annoyed it. And the fly got away.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated!!!

Albireo Wulfbooper

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Aug 1, 2019
They'll get most of their moisture from food. You can spray a gentle mist where you think the web might be and then shine a light on it at a few different angles - you should be able to see the droplets reflecting the light. The spood may drink some water from the silk surface, if it needs it.