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Socrates (Wendy)


Old Timer
Nov 10, 2005
I met Wendy at her house (turns out we live in the same town!) and bought a female L. Parahybana. There aren't enough kind words I can say about Wendy. She is a very knowledgable kind hearted person. I look forward to getting together with her for some arachnochat in the near future! Thanks Wendy

And to anyone considering dealing with Wendy I highly recommend it!


Old Timer
Apr 19, 2006

Wendy is just great to deal with! She is friendly and communicative. She packed my beautiful new bug very well and my new spidey is just gorgeous. My long awaited B. emilia is finally here. Yay!!

I wouldn't hesitate to do business with her again!

Thanks so much Wendy!



Old Timer
Nov 5, 2005

Buying spiders from Wendy has been a really enjoyable experience!

How I can express in words what a fascinating person she is… the gardens are gorgeous (I saw my first humming bird of the season while sitting with her in May and then again this week in June.)… the reef tank is to die for… pretty parrots… the biggest yet cuddly dogs, and then the spiders I got to take home… She has taken such good care of everything around her and is so knowledgeable and enthusiastic about them all.

Thanks to Wendy I now have a beautiful Brachypelma trio; B. smithi, B. boehmei and B. vagans. All three are lovely mature females that have had an excellent start. Each are over 5 inches and have well set up 5.5 gallon enclosures that I also got to have since I picked them up! In addition to the ladies, on my first visit, I received my very best freebies ever, she gave me two of her mature males: B. smithi & B. emilie. Rojo, the B. smithi is still hanging in there. Sadly, the B. emilie has died.

I wish Wendy lived closer and was continuing with spider keeping… she certainly has visiting rights to those I have purchased from her! I am very happy that her new hobby’s mecca… The Hidden Reef is just minutes from my house. I think this means she will visit me on a regular basis! Thank you so much!!!