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...so my scorpion is a little odd

Discussion in 'Scorpions' started by Katiem253, Jul 8, 2011.

  1. Katiem253

    Katiem253 Arachnopeon

    A few weeks ago, we picked up an Emp to bring to the family...
    We figured he (or she) would be a nice, docile pet to enjoy observing.
    For one, s/he is a spawn of Satan. This sounds like a joke. The first couple days s/he acted like a normal Emp, hiding out, doing his/her scorpion thing. (Getting used to a new environment)
    Then s/he became excessively aggressive. I went to change out the dead plant life and s/he stung one of the bark pieces I placed in the tank 6 times.
    S/he likes ripping the heads off crickets before eating them. It's awesome...and frightening to watch...I've never seen a scorpion do this.
    S/he also now hangs out on top of the hidey hole, and hardly tried to hide at all.
    Aaannnd finally, s/he has decided s/he wants to climb EVERYTHING. Tries for hours to climb up the corners, the walls...will sit on his/her tail for hours.
    At the pet shop s/he was very mellow, but that's probably because of how cold it was...
    I keep a good amount of moist substrate in the tank, along with somewhere to hide, a water dish, and I check humidity and temperatures daily on all my tanks...could I just have picked up an odd scorpion?
  2. maurus

    maurus Arachnopeon

    Seems as your scorpion had Devilicosis... Kill it before IT kills you... Emps diagnosed with Devilicosis have a venom strength 5x stronger than the average androctonus sp...
  3. Katiem253

    Katiem253 Arachnopeon

    For real...I had to get longer tweezers to clean out the tank because s/he will CHARGE them as I'm cleaning cricket crumbs....during the day!
    I thought well maybe s/he is gravid.
    Looked that up.
    No, I'm 70% sure s/he is a male. He's just pissy.
    And he has become an escape artist...found him wandering his neighbor's tank today. Luckily the little Pink Toe had enough sense to hang out at the top. I'm still at a loss how he got over/around/under the tank divider and the top of the tank. I even covered the divider so there would be no temptation to see what was on the other side.
    Last edited: Jul 8, 2011
  4. TrentinG

    TrentinG Arachnopeon

    dont worry, my emp is like this and hates everything. and u know that this guys joking right? ^
  5. Katiem253

    Katiem253 Arachnopeon

    I've had to resort to pouring water into the bowl from a distance...he just attacked the water...
    Hahaha and yes I do.
  6. lancej

    lancej Arachnolord

    Can you post some pics of him? Are you sure it's an Emperor, and not an Asian Forest?
  7. praetorian2150

    praetorian2150 Arachnoknight

    trentin's got it right. You emperor just has a bad attitude, my emperor did everything you just described
  8. I've seen, both from emps i've kept and from being a consultant at my local pet store, that they're, stay with me here, prone to mood swings =) I know it's crazy, but it sure seems that way sometimes :p
  9. Xanthopus

    Xanthopus Arachnoknight

    Man i wish i had a scorp like urs! He is super aggressive because thats him, cant change tat unfortunately. Just make sure his living conditions are right and it shld be all fine. About him escaping, emps burrow. So if ur divider doesnt reach the bottom of ur tank, he could have burrowed thru the gap underneath, or maybe he just smashed the divider. Haha im joking :}. i like ur emp behaviour tho, very cool. I wish my scorps try to destroy my hand every once in a while {D.
  10. Michiel

    Michiel Arachnoking Old Timer

    Nothing odd, you have a feisty emperor. There are always exceptions to rules. "Emps" are mostly docile, but as you have noticed, there are also very feisty ones.....
    Spawn of Satan, LOL:D

    I had a large male like that. Always agressive, trying to grab my hands, trying to sting forceps, pieces of bark......And 'his' female never wanted to mate with him and she always fought him off, poor thing.
  11. Katiem253

    Katiem253 Arachnopeon

    He's def an emp: his stinger is lighter and his claws are larger and textured.
    But his temperment matches 100% the Asian Forest. Maybe in the shipping and moving to the pet shop, he ran into an Asian Forest and was like "I want to be like this guy"...and then it was karate kid, except with scorpions.
    I watched his escape tactics the other day...he lifts himself up by his tail and works his way over. Namely I've always owned T's, so what I've found to work very well is to place a wet towel over the top of tanks to keep the humidity up...none of my T's ever had an escape problem. I've since reinforced the top.
  12. Mine is the exact same way... an evil little critter!! But makes it even more fun!!!
  13. signinsimple

    signinsimple Arachnobaron

    My late Male Emp "Beast" was like that. He died of old age (presumably). The only scorp I had that ever earned a name (a buddy gave it to him when he attacked him/freaked-him-out through the glass of the cage).

    Beast would even snap at mist froma water bottle..with feeling. The new female is slightly bigger and decently aggressive, but it's not the same.

    You my boy Beast!! You my boy!! (RIP..)
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