So many Poecilotherias - what to chose?


Oct 14, 2016
Not that I have a pokie (yet), but I do seem to have some kind of setting in my brain that makes "never" rather mean "sooner or later", since all things that I've emphasized I'd NEVER do I've ended up doing... :angelic: I guess I've learned the hard way that I should be careful around being too determined on the "never"-part, lest I do want to end up doing whatever it may be. :rofl:

I don't remember saying I'll never get a pokie, but I've thought it several times and what have I been doing lately? Eyeing P. rufilata (mostly) and P. metallica with a very strong urge to get one. I'm guessing it's a matter of time before I find myself with pokies in my collection. :rolleyes: Still hesitating, but on a scale of 1 to 10 (where 1 is I'll never get one even though they're pretty and 10 being I went out and got my first one) I'd say I'm currently on 7 or 8... :wideyed:
At the beginning if this thread I was about where you are now. The perfect opportunity came along and I bought a juvi P rufilata, juvie P smithi and sling P metallica all at once. I gotta say these things are awesome! You won't regret it when you finally make the plunge!