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Aug 8, 2005
Another of my bizarre out-takes of life.

Our vehicle. An Isuzu pick-up. Average, generic.

Since the mind set of Thai people precludes almost any endeavor being done properly and correctly... They are generally speaking firmly of the school of 'why do it right when you can do it over?' Want a road built? A child's car seat? A window in your house that fits? Hire a foreign engineer. Don't even think about getting Thai's and their maxim, 'mai pen rai - nothing, never mind' to do the job.

As a typical example, our house. It is a trapezoid, 20 inches wider at the back than the front. It is also 4 inches shorter to the eaves at the back right. The person who owned the tape measure must have taken the day off when measuring was required. Close enough is the rule and order of things.

Or in the case of making a car. Thailand makes one vehicle of their own. All other vehicles made here are foreign engineering, equipment and procedures.

Our car is made in Thailand. Wise enough to know they can't possibly build their own vehicle without it being a trapezoid and the engine falling out now and then they used the Isuzu truck chassis and running gear.

Then Thai Rung, the country's only car manufacturer, built the body. To Thais, a super exotic sophisticated deluxe luxury body. To the rest of the world, a station wagon with power windows and air conditioning.

You cannot roll up the windows without the engine running and revved up. All the wiring in the vehicle is too small a gauge. About right.

Or the fuel tank. Isuzu left locations where the fuel tank can be placed. Thai Rung re-invented the wheels, filling the available area with a well for rear passengers to place their feet. So the fuel tank became miniature, 10 gallon, and got squished in beside the drive shaft. Then of course since liquid doesn't flow up hill they had to lower the fuel tank down about 2 1/2 inches.
(In order to fully fill the fuel tank I made an arrangement with our local gas station. When they see me pull in they put out two wood blocks for me to park the wheels on the right side of the vehicle on. Without tipping the vehicle to the left you can only get a little over 8 gallons in.

Meeew. Meew. Meew meew meew meew mew. All night long last night. The boss announced this morning the source of the annoying noise was under the car. Where? Of course. Wedged into that tiny gap on top of the fuel tank.

On inspecting the vehicle a mechanic friend, his brother and I assessed things. We be fooked. What is holding the tank up in the vehicle is a nightmare of straps, spacers, shims, and even a wooden block. The car will have to go up on a hoist, the drive shaft removed, then disassembling the entire tank mounting hardware along with removing the seats and carpet to get at some of the bolts.

I managed to poke a fish up under and on top of the fuel tank. If the kitten needs water I am aligning myself with my mechanic brother's suggestion which involved terror and a pressure washer.
The kitten is still there as I type.