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Smuggler Caught Shipping tarantulas in LA

Discussion in 'Tarantula Chat' started by KenTheBugGuy, Dec 3, 2010.

  1. spiderpig

    spiderpig Arachnopeon

    @CandyFana: thanks for your very usefull post!

    At the moment a PAYPAL account is set up for donations. it will take about 2 days untill this account can be used. the account-details will be posted here as soon as possible.
    this money goes directly to Svens girlfriend and/or his parents who face financial ruin because of Svens pending trial. (it is not only the possible fine...at the moment money must be raised for the posting of a bail....also the costs for a lawyer, costs for the process etc.)


    even if he did something illegal according to US laws the spiders in question were captive breedings from germany. very likely his own breedings. to face a similar sentence for this as to for example homicide is simply outrageous!

    greetings from Germany!
  2. myrmecophile

    myrmecophile Arachnobaron Old Timer

    I haven't had the time to read the entire thread. It sucks that the Gov. wasted so much time on this but it is what they are good at. They went after a couple of friends of mine and ruined them pretty much. In one case wrecked years of rubber boa research. The confiscated perfectly legal snakes almost all died due to lack of care in their hands and it is a good bet what will happen to the spiders as well. Kiss those spiders good bye.
  3. Elytra and Antenna

    Elytra and Antenna Arachnoking Old Timer

    Doesn't this mean anybody in the USA shipping any of the Brachypelmas could face long prison sentences if they ship someone a bunch of curlyhair spiderlings in another state? How would we 'prove' they're captive bred any more than this guy?
  4. Le Wasp

    Le Wasp Arachnoknight Old Timer

    My impression is that the CITES laws prohibits shipping internationally without specific permits, not within the US.
  5. kevin88

    kevin88 Arachnopeon

    I believe its only transport from country to country that you have to worry about. I don't think state to state matters?
  6. John Kanker

    John Kanker Arachnosquire

    who is judgeing him? By doing so yourself and not worrying about it insinuats that its ok to do so.
  7. John Kanker

    John Kanker Arachnosquire

    sre I did and it still read to me as yes.:eek:
  8. CandyFana

    CandyFana Arachnopeon

    A lot are afraid to get problems if they help.
    I dont think so.

    If they search in germany; they already have all buyers informations.
    than it is to late.
    And some friends of him who dont have any spiders will also help.

    This guy have helped a lot of us to find spiders.
    He was always there to answer all of us; always gentle.
    it is to easy to say : i dont care, i'm afraid.
    We only see friends and care poeple in problems.

    Now we have to help back.
    That is my meaning.

    Too mush people never care from where their spiders come when they REALLY want to have these of those species..
    and now they would let us think : oh i did not know some are captured ???
    he did not have to go against the law !
    Some persons has to import them, so we can buy them !

    ALL WHO BUYED Spiders once, even in a shop is also guilty.

    Wel i dont think we are guilty; USA should be very pleased that people breed and spread brachypelmas. OH they are at a point to desapear ! ; lets put in jail someone who brings 200 slings of them ! ! ! :mad:

    Money, money, money..
    Always money...

    Some poecilotherias will disapear in nature. they should thanks us to breed them ! ! :shame: :mad:
  9. CandyFana

    CandyFana Arachnopeon

    Gives us nieuws when it wil be OK.
    jail is no place for Sven or spidersmen :evil:

    If we understand, it is beter to kill someone or to be a pedophile, than selling some spiders ?

    I wanted perhaps to give money with bank stranfer, but perhaps is that count blocked ?:8o
    If not we all have his account and sure he will have the money; if not blocked.

    PAUL BOLLINGER Arachnopeon

    I would be willing to help him,

    if he's making 300,000USD per year just in Spiders, his bail will be only 10% of the bail amount... He should already be out... Im not throwing money into a pot until I know where its going... Signing a blank check is crazy and now we're being made to feel guilty for "his" actions.... Once again, I dont agree with the laws, but he if chose to ignore them then he has some responsibility in this situation... If the maximum penalty is 250,000, I bet his bail is no more than 25,000... Based on the annual income, he's got this covered...
    Once the dust has settled, all the facts are out and there is an outcome, then I may be willing to lend my monetary assistance... And If there has been an injustice, Id be willing to donate 100$ but to do so at this point is a bit foolish in my opinion...
    If I'm not mistaken, an earlier assertion was made that he was selling WC, AD Brachy's on his list... Nobody responded to the assertion,,, Id say this is probably how he got noticed... We all know where WC AD Brachypelma come from right? (the Wild) I'm thankful for every T in captivity... Unfortunately everything we do with the exception of meditation, draws from a natural resource...Its not just T's... Deforestation is a far greater threat than collecting has EVER BEEN...
    Again I reserve my monetary assistance until I know what has transpired... If the previous assertions are correct (guessing there may have been some truth based on lack of response)... Well we dont need to revisit the
    "cause and effect" discussion.

  11. Falk

    Falk Arachnodemon

    What i mean is IMO its ok to take a few examples to introduce into the hobby but its NOT ok to harvest areas for species just to make money.

    My answer to if its ok to smuggle i would answer yes and no
  12. JamieC

    JamieC Arachnopeon

    For goodness sake John let it go!

    I don't think I can make this any easier for you to understand!

    Please re read my posts. I am NOT (repeat NOT) insinuating that breaking the law is right. I know very well it is wrong. As do others. But how else can I participate in this hobby? My nearest supplier is based hundreds of miles away! Ordering them by mail is the only way. Thousands of people in my country order their spiders in the mail knowing full well it is against the rules. It is a risk we all take to get what we want.

    So to sum up - I will not point my finger at someone like Sven who was caught taking those very same risks.

    Please try to understand what I'm saying and stop hounding me. :wall:

    I'm going to give you the benefit of the doubt and assume that English is not your first language.

  13. CandyFana

    CandyFana Arachnopeon

    300000 a year ?
    in total...

    Did you tell the buying of the spiders, the shipping, all the time to care of them.

    it is the same with firms. if you say : they make 100.000$, you can be sure, once you take everything away : they get 20.000 !
    And USA is used to push and push. Do you always believe all you read ?

    I also not want to pay a white think without knowing..

    but I speak about each giving 3-5 $..
    2 potatoes less on your christmas diner..

    I prefer to be an idiot who gave 5 $ for nothing than thinking someone i know and who always helped me; is in jail !

    Do i have to remember how nice USA jails are ?
    Would you like to go ?

    if he was so rich; i think he would be already out and paid the bail.

    We always can give a little with all of us : so no one has to loose something (what is 5 $ ?) and later if needed, those who want, give more.

    I did not read about it : no one seams to be asking : what is now with HIS spiders in germany ?
    Who cares of them ? About his family ?

    it is to easy to say : I wash my hands with that : he did not have to..
  14. John Kanker

    John Kanker Arachnosquire

    introduce into the hobby for free? but either way if you collect without a permit it is stealing.

    do you mean then it is ok to smuggle just a few speciemens that you collected/stolen but not ok to smuggle lots of speciemens that you have collected/stolen.

    there are special animal transport services that can be used to transport your animals instead of useing the post service. You can import the animals yourself but would have to collect at the airport and the strict packing rules wouls also have to be applied. Bite the bullet and get to your nearist supplier by use of your car or public transport.
    your location states Devon. If this is true then your nearist supplier is not hundreds of miles away unless devon has now moved hunderds of miles away from when it was.

    By knowingly breaking the laws/rules of the post you are insinuating that it is ok to do so.

    I have not pointed the finger at swen either.

    I'm going to give you the benefit of the doubt as well.:rolleyes:
  15. Im not sure where this WC accusation comes from but considering it seems to have sparked a stance in some people I think a sample from the list below (from one I have from 2008) might help to answer issues. All the spiderlings on the full list are CB. Remember, the tarantula were reportedly posted within straws so we're not talking adults.

    Its also worth questioning the $300,000. How does the DOA come to that figure? over what period?

    As for the donations, if Svens' girlfriend can log into Sven's FB account I'll give it credibility. Contact me by pm if this is possible and I'll consider donations.

    Avicularia laeta, CB 01/08, 8€ (~1cm)
    Avicularia spec. Guyana, CB 02/08, 8€
    Avicularia versicolor, CB 04/08, 7€
    Cyriopagopus spec. blue, CB 04/08, 20€ (~1cm)
    Grammostola aureostriata, CB 02/08, 5€ (~1cm)
    Grammostola porteri, CB 10/07, 5€ (~1cm)
    Grammostola rosea RCF, CB 12/07, 5€ (~1cm)
    Lampropelma violaceopes, CB 04/08, 20€ (~1cm)
    Poecilotheria formosa, CB 03/08, 10€ (~1cm)
    Poecilotheria ornata, CB 03/08, 7€ (~1cm)
    Poecilotheria regalis, CB 05/08, 5€ (~1cm)
  16. boonbear

    boonbear Arachnosquire

    I really think anyone that thinks he broke the law and should get punished really thinks about that. I know everyone here is law abiding and never done anything wrong, like mail tarantulas through the USPS. Or has ever shipped to Florida or Canada. Not to mention a slew of smaller laws that just aren't really enforced.

    I know he did something wrong, but don't come down to hard on him. Most of us in this hobby have done something illegal at one point or another.
  17. JamieC

    JamieC Arachnopeon

    No John, YOU are assuming I think it's OK. I know full well it's wrong. (for about the 6th time). Frankly I think it's a stupid rule. Why on earth can't we mail live spiders?

    I am not going to drive to my nearest supplier to pick up two £7.00 spiderlings am I? Where on earth is the logic in that?? How would dealers sell spiders?? Their sales would plummit if we all did that!! Which is why we all do it. It's cheaper and easier.

    And for your information my nearest supplier (one of 2 dealers I use) is 206 miles away in Wales. :rolleyes:
  18. Falk

    Falk Arachnodemon

    Is it better to steal many or steal a few? Do you now understand what i mean?:wall:
  19. John Kanker

    John Kanker Arachnosquire

    One reason I would imagine is incase it escapes. If the spider is poorly packed and ends up biteing the postman. Bit of a long shot it happening but I know postmen who would feel very uncomfortable if they knew they were carrying spiders.
    Internationly off course I can understand completely why it is not allowed and do think important for countries to have at least some control over what non native animals come in and out.

    so if you were to buy a spider off someone and they asked how to get to you you would say the post yes? and if they said "but that is againts the rules" how would you then advise them?

    dealers you use, but there ARE dealers that you could use that are a whole lot closer so your nearist possible supplyer is infact not very far at all.

    I would drive all that way (off course not always) to see what I was buying and to meet the dealers and pick up tips and ideas.

    @Poxicator I don't think anyone is asccusing sven of shipping wild caught spiders. BTW what lectures did swen do for the BTS?

    neither IMO I think it is beter not to steal at all and get the permits. If this was done more often maybe it would make the powers that be look on a hobby like this a little better and would even make it a whole lot easyier not only for the people who go out to do real feld research but also for the amature to get a permit to collect just a few speciemens.

    or how many specimens do you have to find before you can justify that the bringing home of one will have no effect on the wild population of that given area?
  20. JamieC

    JamieC Arachnopeon

    Honestly??? Has that EVER happened?? The spider escapes its packaging and bites the delivery man?! Have a day off! :wall:

    I imagine there are closer dealers to me. Not that I know of. My supplier keeps the largest stock of spiders in the UK - they always have what I want at the most competative prices and their packaging is top notch.

    If your trying to convince hobbyists to abandon mailing spiders, quite frankly I think your just being stupid now. This stand you seem to be taking has gone on long enough. I realise you probably think you've gone too far to give in.

    I've explained my reasoning enough times to justify what I do. 95% of tarantula keepers must recieve or send spiders in the mail. Our hobby would collapse if we didn't.

    I've really had enough of your questions now. If you feel so strongly about all this, why do you support this hobby? Something to think about.

    Please do not pester me again. The answers to ALL your questions are in my posts in this thread, please re read them and then re read them again.
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